How to Reach Gearscore 5000 as a Casual level 80 player Guide

WoW: IncGamers illustrates the fastest way for casual and solo players of the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, who just reached level 80, to acquire the item level and gear needed to gain an invite into any Icecrown Citadel dungeon raid without getting the boot.

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Cogo3195d ago

"What" the fact it's this easy, or "What" the fact people are still playing wow? ;)

Bereaver3195d ago

Wait, what? Casual level 80? Uhhh....

Leord3195d ago

It's not over 9000 :(

Eoweniel3195d ago

This is really awesome. A good help on the way for newer peeps or those who don't have much time to play seriously. As we all know, WoW can be quite addictive, so being a casual player is not such a common occurrence nowadays. :P

theslim3195d ago

Good to see some info on what to do, me myself, just go for random heroics and gather triumph to get atleast T9 before i do raids. i dunno what gearscore T9 has but i would think it would work anyway :)

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The story is too old to be commented.