A Summary of New Final Fantasy XIV Details

As millions of people are enjoying their copy of Final Fantasy XIII, millions of others are awaiting the arrival of Square Enix's next MMORPG for the PlayStation 3 and PC later this year - Final Fantasy XIV. Within the past few days those people are getting a little more giddy over the prospect of taking on some of the new characters detailed in the latest issue of Famitsu and the interview they did with a few fellows from the team working on FF XIV,

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Myst2905d ago

Interesting details...Don't see a class that is similar to Red Mage which is saddening, but Conjurer I may see.

Karsghul2905d ago

Yeah, Conjurer seems like the jack of all trades for disciple of magic.
Unless you mean Red mages as a MP refresh for party? Devs has hinted to be a class for that, but it's all a rumor for now.

Blackcanary2905d ago

great have they stated anything about having summons yet?