Official ISO Loader In PSP Firmware 3.5

Couple months ago, Sony mentioned that a PlayStation Network-like service was coming to the PSP. No details on what exactly would be available on this download service were given, only that it was coming soon.

Now, Mathieulh has uncovered a tiny module named np9660.prx in both Firmware 3.50 and 3.51. This module is none other than an official ISO loader by Sony, used to load encrypted ISO files off the memory stick.

If this discovery is any indication, one can assume Sony will begin to offer purchasable downloads of PSP games on the new download service scheduled to hit later this year.

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pwnsause4187d ago

sounds good, the PSP is on the right Path now if this is true. but its not going to stop the DS to sell, though the PSP has an install base. We can just say that Sony will continue to do Portables for the next generation because of this. this is the only portable that stood well against nintendo portables. if you look at the sales of other portables, the average install base for them where like 5-10 million, and thats not good compared to an average install base of 30-50 million by nintendo portables. right now the PSP has an install base of 25-30 million PSPs compared to 45-50 million NDS'. PSP is indeed a system filled with potential with everything that it does.

StateofMind4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Does this mean that a PSP on an official firmware would be able to play any ISO, or just theirs?

Also, I think this gives credit to the re-modeled PSP with 8GB internally.

Lumbo4187d ago

naturally only their own signed files, not "backups" or other non licensed stuff

BlackIceJoe4187d ago

I think if the PS3 can download games why can't the PSP too.

If Sony really does allow new games to be downloaded the rumors of there being a new PSP with built in memory have an even greater chance of being real.