Heavenly Sword Dev Blog

The folks at IGN have given Ninja Theory the chance to share with you the latest news and behind-the-scenes information on the game over the next few weeks and months.

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Bebop4101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

Good read..

crippler6664101d ago

This is one of the reasons I bought my PS3, this game looks so good.

Fast gameplay, smooth moves that blend from one to another and so many enemies on screen at once.

Yes it looks kinda like a cross breed of God Of War and Dynasty Warriors, but I like both of those games and know I will be playing this game for quite a while.

jwatt4101d ago

I already preordered it, that and Halo 3. I got a whole lot more games to get though.

kingofps34101d ago

I hope the N4G Developer blog and user question feature would hit soon. Plz, N4G, make it happen atleast by E307.

Figboy4101d ago

after getting my hands on this game what seems like ages ago at E3 2006, i'm dying for another go.

God of War fans will feel right at home with this game in terms of the smoothness of the controls. i also have to say that Nariko has a [email protected] move set, much flashier and pleasing to the eye than Kratos, and this is coming from a guy that thinks ol' Krate's is one of the most badass male protagonists in gaming, but Nariko is surely his match. probably soul mates even.