Who Dat? Do Wii Owners Play Football Games?

Coffee with Games says, "Well, football season ended Sunday night with the New Orleans Saints' big win. After the game I thought, 'I wonder how the Madden NFL Wii games are doing with the reported stats?' Let's take a look."

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hardcorez2903d ago

I really thought the Colts were going to win it. The Saints proved otherwise :(.

hardcorez2902d ago

You thought wrong! Who Dat!?

CoffeewithChess2902d ago

Just wondering, if perhaps you have it? Answering your posts?

readiandnot2902d ago

Colts should have won, I don't know what happened to them.

hardcorez2902d ago

Manning didn't even go congratulate Drew Brees immediately after the game, he skulked off the field.
Oh, sure, he played the default, "I called him" card later that night.

I'm glad to see Wii owners not playing the kiddie Madden NFL 10 garbage EA dumped on them.