Preview: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The world is on fire. A war, waged in far countries on distant shores, has ignited the spirit of the unified nations of the Earth. England, America, and their combined allegiances have targeted the progenitors of terror and destruction across a vast network of intimate, interconnected battlefields. Blood dampens the dusty streets of the Middle East. Bullets pockmark the windswept fields of Eastern Europe. Families of the fallen on both sides of the conflict sing prayers to their lost loved ones.

This is today's war, fought with today's weapons by today's heroes. It isn't a re-creation of true events; it isn't real and it isn't meant to be. But it's very, very close, and it is, perhaps, one of the best reflections of modern warfare ever seen in a game. And though it is, in every way, a game -- for developer Infinity Ward, realism always takes a back seat to gameplay -- it's close, fast, brutal, and just real enough to make it a chillingly provocative diatribe on both mankind's interminable inhumanity and its endless pursuit of righteousness.

Put simply: Call of Duty 4 is going to be one hell of an experience.

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FCOLitsjustagame4194d ago

Not sure about a game based (loosely as it is). Not sure if they will be able to resist political commentary on either side. On the other hand its not clear how you would make a "modern warefare" game without going tihs direction. The gameplay should be great fun but I may have to ignore the story.

PS360PCROCKS4194d ago

huh? the story is your fighting a russian guy trying to make the soviet union a super power again...what your saying or where your coming from lost me. Anyways this game wows me unlike any other, the graphics and realism are the best I think I have seen (other than crysis) I am almost ready to say this is better than Gears graphics...or more realistic atleast. But than I read it's 60 FPS HOW!?!?! They have EVERYTHING in this game...absolutely everything running seamlessly, how can they get 60FPS? What a badass developer to pull this off and the videos are only pre-alpha, if it looks any better, my god.

socalr64194d ago

I can't wait. I love anything and all COD. I'm online every night in COD3.