The Secret World Welcomes You With In-Game Footage

AggroGamer: "Up until now there has been little shown on what is going on with Funcom's new MMO The Secret World. At least in the form of actual game play or what the game will actually look like. Yes there have been some great fully rendered videos that made the game look amazing, but that is not how the game will look when all is said and done. At least not at the current state of technology that is. But of course, those videos as I said were up until now.

Just released for all of our viewing pleasure is the very first look at in-game footage of the game and the game city of Kingsmouth. A city that looks to have been taken over by zombies for the three factions to come and slay to hopefully put the town back to it's old ways. At least as far as the story goes. We all know in MMO fashion you will never be able to kill all those zombies."

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Lirky3240d ago

I wish it was just for PC only based on how console mmo's seem sorta strange to use a controller.

Rush3240d ago

ZOMBIE MMO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABizzel13240d ago

What does coming to consoles do that stop you from getting the PC version?

And no it's not a zombie MMO. Go here to see what it's about.

I have high hopes for this MMO, I want Jade Empire to the next level.

Rush3240d ago


Lol just kidding I just find it funny the amount of people on MMOSITE that call every MMO a WOW clone xD


The CG trailers really had me pumped for this game. *sob*

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