Spawn Kill Preview: MLB 10 The Show

The Herp of Spawn Kill Writes:

"Putting out a solid sports game every year isn't the easiest thing to do. Companies either don't improve enough from the successful title or they try to do too much and turn a game that was once great into a disappointment. Sony's MLB series was struggling to break through the baseball market with 2K Sports' and EA's titles getting all the spotlight. It wasn't until they decided to take a couple of years off to create The Show that they became the baseball franchise for three years running. With MLB 10 The Show, Sony hopes to yet again provide the best baseball experience to gamers by introducing some new features while improving presentation, Road to The Show, and the all-important online play."

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K-Tuck3243d ago

Last baseball game I got into was Big Hurt Baseball for the SNES.