Bit-Tech: iPhone and iPod Touch Games Round-up 6 Reviews

Bit-Tech writes: "ne of the most eagerly awaited titles in iPhone gaming circles was released to almost no fanfare recently, with Rockstar dropping the game in the AppStore and only telling anyone a day or two after the fact. Normally, that'd get our suspicions aroused of a poor port, but our time with Chinatown Wars quickly showed that wasn't the case.

A half-way step between the DS and the PSP versions of the game, Chinatown Wars is almost exactly what you'd expect from a GTA game, with the whole of Liberty City for players to explore and commit crimes in. At the start of the game you're the usual sarcastic newcomer in the city with not a penny to your name, but through diligent work for the Triads you slowly build a criminal empire of your own."

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