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PS.Blog: It Only Does 256 Players

Peter Dille on US Playstation.Blog writes:

"Next Tuesday, Zipper Interactive will be unleashing the industry's first and only 256 online multiplayer shooter game, MAG. We know there's tremendous appetite for this game as you've downloaded more than a million MAG beta clients worldwide during the last open Beta period.

So, as a special treat to MAG fans, we'd like to give you an exclusive sneak peak of the TV commercial airing this weekend, here. The commercial depicts a job applicant asking Kevin Butler whether his MAG platoon leadership qualifies as management experience." (MAG, PS3)

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Chris399  +   2207d ago
K, that was funny $hit.
Glad to see that Kevin Butler hasn't lost his charm.

Edit: I like how he's fondling the muffins for no particular reason at the start of the clip. Terrifically offbeat humor. Wonder what they'll do for GOW?
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zoks310  +   2207d ago
That was pretty good. "son of a.."
blahgasm  +   2207d ago
That look he gave was priceless.
Bungie  +   2207d ago
lol It Only Does 256 Players

lociefer  +   2207d ago
lol son of a MAG , cant wait for their gow3 spot, maybe theyll have him dress like kratos
davekaos  +   2207d ago
That really made me LOL
So whats the job?
VP FPS relations
AHHH Son Of A...........MAG

I really wish we had commercials like this in the UK.
All our stuff is pretty serious, we need a bit of comedy
Comedy sells
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-Alpha  +   2207d ago
And a VERY informative ad too. Hopefully this captures the attention of average gamers who may not have heard about the game.

I may have my doubts about MAG but it appeals to a large amount of fans and Sony is really showing its unique features.

Also, the Sony "Make.Believe" logo at the end was nice too.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2207d ago
LOL That was hilarious!
Christopher  +   2207d ago
Great commercial. Butler delivers once again and it's still as funny as the first time.
The Great Melon  +   2207d ago
I love these newer commercials. They are both informative and funny. Glad Sony figured out how to market the Ps3 finally.
Blaze929  +   2207d ago
hilarious commercial. Just hope we'll actually...ya know, SEE IT ON TV this time around. Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong channels :/

But yeah seriously, great commercial.
duplissi  +   2206d ago
that was the best ad ever......
Godmars290  +   2206d ago
"Wonder what they'll do for GOW?"
Him skull-f***ing that kid after ripping his head off of course.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2206d ago
Most of the time I only watch Gilmore Girls and WWE wrestling programming and they always hoar them out on the WWE programming.

I don't understand why Bungie has disagrees.

webeblazing  +   2206d ago
comedy, sex, and crazy action always sells in US its ez to market over here. if u can get half on the hook most will follow manly with younger people (monkey see monkey do)
Boody-Bandit  +   2206d ago
@1.10 "Just hope we'll actually...ya know, SEE IT ON TV this time around. Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong channels :/ "
I saw it 2x on TNT last night during BBall, 3x on ESPN today and once on FOX this morning.
I am sure they are going to run it this weekend during the NFL playoffs.

I love these commercials. Even my wife digs them and she isn't a gamer. Sony is definitely stepping their marketing game up in NA. I can't wait to see what they do with a God of War 3 commercial.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2206d ago
Gotta agree with Blaze. I hardly see these brilliant commercials on TV.
Marceles  +   2206d ago
watch ESPN, they play them all the time on there :P
D4RkNIKON  +   2206d ago
I LOVE these commercials. They are so funny and they are so descriptive of the services and games on the PS3. They need to market the PSmotion controller EXACTLY like this commercial for LBP..

Related video
nefertis  +   2206d ago
sonova! "M.A.G" lol i love it. Playb3yond
aaronisbla  +   2206d ago
they have come a long way since there early ps3 commercials, this was funny and informative
theonlylolking  +   2207d ago
Christopher_Walken  +   2207d ago
I love Kevin Butler
D4RkNIKON  +   2206d ago
Me too
I also love Christopher Walken

unrealgamer58  +   2207d ago
I hope this goes on the ps store.(the boom commercial too.)
venum  +   2207d ago
son on the boom!
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360hasnogamesfor2010  +   2207d ago
"son of bitc.."
360hasnogamesfor2010  +   2207d ago
Wrathman  +   2206d ago
MAG on only does half full lobbies.

2months into this games release there wont be 256 players playing in world.just like KZ2.

this game has epic failure written all over it.
Karooo  +   2206d ago
I am a killzone 2 pro
its been 1 year almost since it launched and there are tons of guys online.

why do you bots lie so much, its the best fps shooter on consoles ever.

Killzone 2 ftw too bad 99$ cheap 3fixme only does subHD gaylo crap.
nefertis  +   2206d ago
@Wrathman jump out and Playb3yond.
sephy 9 2 5  +   2207d ago
Some of the lines
are up there with "I'm going to file this under not an issue". Funny stuff.

I'm glad to see Sony's paying Kevin Butler the dough to keep these commercials up.
Sonny30  +   2207d ago
lol, that was awesome, I'm glad Sony got their marketing going again, I miss the old school crash bandicoot commercials.
OmarJA-N4G  +   2207d ago
Man Sony is killing the competition with these awesome ads, LMAO! :D
nefertis  +   2206d ago
Superbowl sunday will be awesome to play this. Playb3yond
iceman06  +   2206d ago
Maybe a GoW III commercial for the SuperBowl!?!? That would be killer! Too bad the KZ 2 one didn't make it...but it was scheduled and then eventually sent to the interwebs!!!*L*
GamerSciz  +   2207d ago
Not sure what happened...
But Sony's marketing all of a sudden decided to get their act together with these "It only does everything" commercials and damn they are good. We can all admit Sony in the past has had marketing/advertising issues but it seems like someone finally let them know and they pulled a total 180 and I think have the best commercials for games nowadays. I mean, whenever I see a commercial that starts off with some guy saying "Dear Playstation" I am inclined to listen.
nefertis  +   2206d ago
thats because they rearrange people in Sony Corp. Howard Stinger use to just be in charge of SCEA but now he's CEO now; I do feel bad for Sir ken Katurgi is was the man who put playstation brand on the map. Playb3yond.
xg-ei8ht  +   2207d ago
Awesome rofl.

As for GOW3.

Guy says, so i heard Kratos in GOW3 is tough.
Butler responds, Yeah i heard that as well, but i think i could take him.
Then abit of screenshake.
A wall smashes open and kratos is standing there angry as hell.
Then you see kevin butler run off screaming like a girl.
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spunnups  +   2206d ago
you should submit that, seriously
nefertis  +   2206d ago
lol bubbles thats funny. Playb3yond
DaTruth  +   2206d ago
Ya, but that was the old Sony, who show a commercial and don't show gameplay! You have to fit the gameplay somewhere in there!\

Guy says, so i heard Kratos in GOW3 is tough.
Butler responds, Yeah i heard that as well; Look at him,(queue gameplay) tearing off heads, crushing and dismembering enemies!
But i think i could take him.
Then a bit of screenshake.
A wall smashes open and Kratos is standing there angry as hell.
Then you see Kevin butler run off screaming like a girl.
Ravage27  +   2206d ago
that would be perfect :)
tdrules  +   2207d ago
another AWESOME trailer.
but calling it "it only does 256 players" isnt helping to quash the whole thing that the player count is one big gimmick
Carl1412  +   2207d ago
256 players is MAG's USP (Unique Selling Point) - What sets it apart from the other FPSs out there
bjornbear  +   2206d ago
you won't notice at level 1 or anything

but as you become commander and start leading 52 and eventyally 128 people in a game, it'll make the game a noticably different experience.
Christopher  +   2206d ago
It's really not a gimmick from a technical standpoint. It's just like WoW saying they have 2 million playing their game at once... across how many servers and how many regions? I mean, you'll be lucky to have more than 10 people in many areas and you're never going to run into a place that has 1,000+ people in it.

So, yeah, there are 256 other people in the same game as you, you just can't see them at all times because you are spread out. But, it does mean that you're only seeing a small bit of the actual war going on and you know that the progressions being made are because of more than what you're doing and aren't just pre-programmed actions.
raztad  +   2206d ago
256 gimmick? how is so? I find it an awesome technical/gameplay achievement. First of all networking: MAG is lag free, something many 4x4 games out there cant claim, and second MAG is really well balanced, which is saying a lot considering that is common problem in multiplayer games.

Now there is more, people was expecting MAG to turn out in a clusterf*ck or a camping paradise. That's not happening as the Beta showed. MAG is a very tactical and exciting game, that becomes even better as you progress and unlock better weapons and gear.

Finally, probably you havent experienced a 64 vs 64 on Point C (any sabotage map), well THAT is crazy.
Chubear  +   2206d ago
It would be nice if you actually played the game instead of pulling crap out your arse. Yes, you can see ALL players in MAG if you want to. It's nothing like the scenerio you picked in WOW and the fact that you stated it like means you have not played MAG at all.

On acquisition you play 64v64 and eventually end up all fighting at one spot. If you find a high enough vantage point you can see everybody same goes for Domination w/ 128v128... but you tell me, do you get to see everyone in CoD's 8v8 matches when you're actively focused on playing the game? no you don't so what are you talking about?
P_Bomb  +   2207d ago
Wow, that was actually funny! Wasn't a fan of the Beta, but the commercial itself is pretty good, lol
Aquarius  +   2207d ago
SONY has advertised really well since the launch of the SLIM
Uncharted 2: Among Theives
Ratchet & Clank: A crack in time ( cartoon network )
Tekken 6
Assassin's Creed 2

can't wait to see GOWIII =)
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mrbillybadass  +   2207d ago
lol best of the new ps3 commercials yet
god i was dieing at the end
Raoh  +   2207d ago

that man needs a raise or a bonus, he has given the sony playstation 3 a nice media boost..

they should consider him for other sony products like their handy cams
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2207d ago
||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P

FUNNY Video to!!! ;-D I LOVE IT!!! ;)

Next video will say/be -

"Dear PlayStation...Why does my 'xBox 360' get RRoD all the time?"

Main guy -


#15 (Edited 2207d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
dredgewalker  +   2207d ago
Another great commercial from Sony. I hope to see more commercials like these rather than those serious commercials that aren't even memorable.
BYE  +   2207d ago
LOL seriously, they're doing a great job with th recent ad campaign.

PS3 spots are the only spots on TV I can watch over and over without getting bored.
Crystallis  +   2207d ago
LMAO!!!That was awesome..I love Sony!
dafecruz  +   2207d ago
About time lol great advertising sony keep it up!!
OmarJA-N4G  +   2207d ago
Karooo  +   2207d ago
epic trailer
In-cognito  +   2207d ago
Damn PS3 browser!
The PS3 browser wont play the video so I had to go to my PC.
Sony really needs to fix their browser or at least use a format that works on the US Playstation.Blog so I can watch it in my living room.

Great commercial tho!
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paladin_veltron  +   2206d ago
I use my ps3 browser a lot to watch videos on the net and porn, who doesnt. Porn still works great but for some reason ever since they added facebook integration now I cant watch videos on playstation blog anymore. I think it was firmware 3.10 Thats like the only site that wont play the videos anymore, it used to because I would keep up with the PS Blog and the videos would always work. Hopefully they fix it soon. Im really suprised how much you can do with the ps3 browser its really cool. AWESOME COMMERCIAL cant wait to see it on tv.

Their new ad campaign rocks!!!
Dev8 ing  +   2206d ago
At least the more important thing (porn) is still working. HD porn on a bigscreen = win.
happy_gilmore  +   2206d ago
hilarious, genuinely funny. i LOL'd
as opposed to the 3fixme's ridiculous failure rate. bots, laughing but they aren't happy.
Lou Ferrigno  +   2206d ago
wooooow LMAO OMGOODNESS,KEVING IS EPIC! and this commercial along with MAG is FULL OF WIN!

this was just fvcking HILARIOUS!
Lehman Brothers  +   2206d ago
There wont even be ONE match with full 256 players.. we all know that, cause droids dont play online.

MAG = It only gives you free trophys
OmarJA-N4G  +   2206d ago
Too bad the bots don't buy games cause their cheap console has none. :)
#25.1 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Wrathman  +   2206d ago
you fail
Karooo  +   2206d ago
what about the 6.5 million guys who bought MW2, keep spinning bot.

PS3 is the superior console, i bet you are regretting buying that pos 360.

Its an online only game so to get trophys you need to play online, what a fail troll. :(
#25.3 (Edited 2206d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
spunnups  +   2206d ago
Where did they find this guy? He's a genius.
-MD-  +   2206d ago
I watched it twice but didn't laugh.
OmarJA-N4G  +   2206d ago
Then take a look at the mirror.
-MD-  +   2206d ago
Sounds like something my older brother would say.
Lionalliance  +   2206d ago
The you have no sense of humor.
-MD-  +   2206d ago
Well I just watched the Hot Tub Time Machine trailer and laughed (hard) like 3 times.

This is a video of some nerd stealing some other nerds fake job and him almost swearing.
liebringer  +   2206d ago
I just saw the Hot tub time machine trailer and I didn't laugh at all... And whats with the stereotypes in there? they're just missing a big breasted blonde to make the set!
-MD-  +   2206d ago
"they're just missing a big breasted blonde to make the set!"

You obviously didn't watch the red band trailer, and if you didn't laugh at that then I honestly don't know what to say... this is the Hangover of 2010.
bjornbear  +   2206d ago
you are
silvacrest  +   2206d ago
i guess you like what you like but from what i have read on this thread you are the ONLY ONE who does not like it and even felt the need to bash it, even other xbox fanboys gave it its fair dos
alphakennybody  +   2206d ago
Kevin Butler for E310!
Somnipotent  +   2206d ago
i love kevin butler
the face of playstation 3 folks.
slipkoRn  +   2206d ago
so kevin butler is the mascot of playstation :)
DocHoliday  +   2206d ago
WOOT!! Awsome commercial
KEvin Butler for president!
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