Upgrade to a faster PSN

PS3Hype writes: "After a call to the help desk this morning I asked my question how I can fix the, "Can not sync trophies (80022A07)" problem, I was told that it came because an overloaded server. According to the PlayStation employee who helped me be there in the months, December, January and February new servers added, after some persistent questioning what this post and has advantages for the online gamer..."

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ia_studio2943d ago

lucky me I don't collect imaginary trophies.

Pennywise2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Okay cool guy... but you should know imaginary means there is no proof of their existence outside of your head.

@LOL.... Bun just made a fool out of you. Please refrain from trolling your fellow gamers.

Mr_Bun2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

You don't seem like the type who collects "real" ones either.

What's funny is you just posted this comment "It needs trophies, no trophies no buy for me"

On Topic: It might take 3 tries but I am always able to sync my trophies

Maddens Raiders2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

ia_studio - 11 days 9 hours ago
1 -

"It needs trophies, no trophies no buy for me."

that's what I call a one way ticket to FAIL in SELFPWNAGE LAND.

- now go back to your lonely bridge.

peeps2943d ago

oh now that is a fail haha

i just hope this gets sorted out soon tbh. mine still hasn't been able to sync :( and since trophies are part of your account it means i can't even select my profile to change the colours etc

monkey6022943d ago

Lucily I haven't had any problem since the latest firmware

MmaFanQc2943d ago

good job at pwning yourself like a pro

WildArmed2943d ago

wow.. you guys just jumped on the poor guy.

Luckily I never had the issue come up for me.
Gotta love being able to show how good you are @ a certain game..

pimpmaster2943d ago

LOLOLOLOL, now thats whats u call .... powned.

whoelse2942d ago

Still can't sync my trophies. Same problem for days.

Hellsvacancy2942d ago

I hit the 1000 mark the other day and it took anout 20 trys 2 sync it, i found it easier 2 sync your trophies whilst playin a game, works me

Anorexorcist2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Hey ia_studio, can you say PWNAGE???

I have had no issues syncing my trophies. Could it be mostly due to variances in user connection speeds?

MAiKU2942d ago

I just sync some trophies recently. no problems. sorry guys.

vhero2942d ago

Obviously it has to be upgraded periodically Live has been updated several times since it launched on the original Xbox. You all remember Gears of War and the server problems right? MS added extra servers back then and Sony needs new servers now with the new influx of members buying PS3's.

TheReaper422942d ago

Trophies are okay and all for those who loves to collect digital trophies which no one else gives a rat's a$$ about. I prefer some PSN credit points in replacement of those trophies or along side of.

Millah2942d ago

LOL wow what a douche. Bun just pwned you like the tool that you are la_studio.

Darkstorn2942d ago

PSN works fine for me. It's only slightly slower than XBL, and since it's free I think that puts PSN in the lead in terms of value.

MerkinMax2942d ago

I live in the US so I thought that maybe server activity in the day was making it fail. I set my alarm for 12:00 AM PST and sure enough it synced. Took about 5 minutes but it worked. So folks, wait for midnight and give it a shot.

Guido2942d ago

No need to get your panties in a bunch over it.

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4point7BillionLoss2943d ago

Play Behind

Slowny !!!

for slow people.

wxer2943d ago

what are you like 10 year old ??

redsquad2943d ago

You must be an imaginary person, because we keep getting told that 360 robots "don't troll PS3 topics".
You certainly write like a non-entity.

MAiKU2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Hey bot!

Betcha i could play Final Fantasy 13 faster on my console. Enjoy your slow 3 disc swapping in the box game experience.

Trollbox360 for people who are idiots. Time to start thinking out of the box.

NewZealander2942d ago

i dont mind psn, but its light years behind XBL, and dont get me started on home lmao what a joke.

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thematrix12982943d ago

I only got the error once I re-sync and everything was good.

kwicksandz2942d ago

it takes me 2-4 trys but eventually it works. i synch whenver i get a trophy now so it spams my FB feed with the info. screw you farmville players!

Stevo352943d ago

XBL = Give all the money you will ever make in your life to M$ and they wont even thank you, just ask for more!

UltimateSin2943d ago

Yeah that's correct. Every cent i've working over the jobs that i've had has gone to MS, your so correct fanboy.

RockmanII72942d ago

You will only make $40 in your life?

TheDudeAbides2943d ago

I never encountered this error, so lucky me, hope they'll work it out I see many people having this problem

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