Kane & Lynch 2 to feature new mechanic 'Down Not Dead'

The Lost Gamer writes "Such aggressive AI tactics will be entirely welcome after experiences within the first title, yet Kane & Lynch 2 is also set to adopt a new 'Down Not Dead' mechanic."

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Alcohog3105d ago

How about invert the Y axis? I played the demo for all of 30 seconds before I deleted that crap.

xabmol3105d ago

is exactly what I did.

AnttiApina3105d ago

And they call this a FEATURE?

gtamike1233105d ago

The first Kane & Lynch sucked, we don't want any more.

chak_3105d ago

No It didn't :o

I enjoyed it, really. Sure, it wasn't some AAA graphics & all, but it was fun to me, and I enjoyed the ride.

Still rememember that disco gun party :p