Video Game Warzone #68: Is Kill/Death Ratio A Factor Or Not?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Well this show got heated up at about 41min mark. Jon Shaw came on and got into it with SpennyT about their 1v1 MW2 match. It's basically a continuation of the Gamer Chat except live. Also on this show:

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Graphics3164d ago

Yes Kill/death ratio is a factor.. If u talk a lot of bs about busting @ss in a game ur kill ratio better be higher than ur deaths. If u nice u better have a 2.00k/d ratio. No matter what who ever has the better kill/death ratio is the better player because it means hes way more consistent than the guy who doesnt.

glennc3164d ago

it is really all i care about. the ranking, points etc. don't really bother me as long as my kills are higher than my deaths. it is a great motivator when you first start playing a game.

rdgneoz33163d ago

K/D ratio is a factor in most cases. Though in objective based matches (capture the flag/treasure, protect this target / person, ...) its not really the best for determining how good a person is. You can have a high K/D ratio and still lose repeatedly if you don't work well with your team. Also, people camping spawn points isn't really that skillful.

flip-it33163d ago

Spenny and Shaw fight lasted way to long... tell them to kiss and make up outside of the podcast.

mikeslemonade3163d ago

John Shaw was correct but he pisses me off becuase he has to flame and condescend about everything. John Shaw you sound fat and kiddy and I can whoop your ass in real life. You probably can't run around the track once without being out of breath.

Major Kanimo3163d ago

john shaw kinda dragged it on way to much, but spenny did get put in his place. It still didnt demand the 30 min arguement and hearing john shaw b!tch and moan, its like hearing my mother b!tch at me.

theroadtoruin3163d ago

spenny is a bit<h wke up hhg