TheSixthAxis: Dragon Age: Origins Review

TheSixthAxis writes, "Dragon Age: Origins is a triumph of a game. It has depth and scale which will keep you interested for many, many hours. There are slight issues that I could pick at but in all honesty the intricate game-play and immense storyline immersion counteract any minor niggles I may have to the point where they are almost completely forgotten. If you don't like RPGs or dungeon crawlers then you will probably find Dragon Age completely baffling but if you are a fan of the genre then it is simply unmissable. Every gamer who takes their hobby past yearly sports iterations or online First Person Shooters should experience this game. It is a definite contender for Game of the Year 2009 which I will almost certainly still be playing well into 2010."

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Baba19063160d ago

i love this game. after demon souls my second favorite rpg. its sooooooooo much fun.