Gamer Completes an entire COD5 prestige with Knife only

A gamer has completed his personal challenge of knifing his way through an entire prestige of Call of Duty world at war. HQ GAMEOVER has posted video proof of the achievement with not a single shot fired or explosive used. Kill streak perks were even off limits as well, with the exception of the recon plane. A picture of the controller used is also on the post, the triggers and bumper buttons were hot glued in place to prevent accidental discharges or grenade drops.

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Grin3192d ago

Now that's dedication.

A lot of hiding I'm sure.

SixZeroFour3192d ago

apparently not...he said unless it was on headquarters and only to cap or defend a headquarter

im curious to find out his k/d ratio...if he ended up +anything then totally props to this guy

if he ended up -something then it takes a bit away from his accomplishment (cause i would think that anyone with a lot of time on their hands could do it) but its still an accomplishment nonetheless

GAMExxOVER3192d ago

all the stats and details are at the origional post and at the end of the video, had the time to do so do to a back injury and being laid up for a few weeks. Click on view video to go to the post.

Winter47th3192d ago


JustV3192d ago

LOL ...that's so funny yeah the joker has one of the best knives at all times:)

Bubble Buddy3192d ago

Winter haha that made me laugh too hard,

ReservoirDog3163192d ago

Haha, this guy has a lot of time on his hands. If only that time and energy had been put towards something beneficial to himself or mankind...

Still, shows this guy's dedicated to do something like this.

wxer3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

so the guy shows one vid and a picture of a glued controller
and claims that he finished a hole game with only a knife ???

you know what i call this ??

i call it "BS"

calis3192d ago

someone sounds jealous

wxer3192d ago

jealous of what ?
im fine with it
the thing is
what the hell proves that he did that ??
he could record everything
the hole game just like he did on that part
and uploaded it on youtube
yet he did not

you guys actually believe anything that anyone's says

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WildArmed3192d ago

Seriously? Kodus to you for having the spare time i never have.

Lord_Ranos3192d ago

Must have been like Rambo. lol

mcgrawgamer3192d ago

I wonder if his wife or gf is proud............

WildArmed3192d ago

lol my sarcasm sensor's are tingling :)

thats funny 'wife or gf' xD

mistajeff3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

lol.. still though, that's damn impressive.

sigt3192d ago

I think you meant to say:

Snake and/or tarantula ...

DW3192d ago

...ya .. I actually know someone else who's up for that challenge .. sick bastards .. get a life lol

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