PS University: Need for Speed: Shift Review

The 'Need for Speed' name is synonymous with motor racing games. The original, The Need For Speed – back in 1994 was widely accepted at the time as one of the best racing games around. Seven tracks and nine cars were all you'd get for your money then – but it didn't matter. All your mates were playing it, everyone loved it.

Its follow up, Need for Speed II in 1997 made NFS a household name amongst gamers. Sensational supercars like the Ferrari F50, Jaguar XJ220 and McLaren F1, jaw-dropping concept cars like the Italdesign Cala and Ford GT90 were the machines we had in posters on our walls. Suddenly we could drive them – and there was something incredibly special about it all.

Over the years, NFS grew and evolved. The "Hot Pursuit" iterations of the series added exciting police chases and a whole new dynamic beyond simple circuit racing. "Porsche Unleashed" was a fantastic tribute to a solo manufacturer and arguably one of the most detailed NFS games that had been seen to date.

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