Users report Bugs in Need for Speed: Shift

A plenty of PS3 an some Xbox 360 gamers actually reports a bug in Need for Speed: Shift: "When you reach a certain amount of points you get invited to special races, one of the being Ford Gt vs Viper. The problem is: The Viper won't drive. The weels will turn, but not spin." If there is coming a patch, Videogameszone asked EA. Answer: pending.

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jromao3255d ago

So many flaws in all fields, graphics, physics (ridiculous), gameplay, etc...

I already ebay my copy. I Prefer GRID, much more realistic and fun to drive than this "SHIFT" (down).

xjoshbx3255d ago

GRID is less buggy but realistic? GRID is farther from realism then shift is by far.

vhero3255d ago

plenty of ps3 and some 360?? what they trying to say?? Either way its not the ps3's fault it shabby developing but the game was obviously rushed to beat fFrza and GT5 to the market as theres no way in hell it would have sold if it came out around the same time as them. Watch it sell for £10 on Ebay the week after Forza 2 launches.

LukaX233255d ago

it's called a 'patch'. this is not news.

DonCorneo3255d ago

mainly because i haven't touched this game after playing it for 2 days

it was that bad.