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whateva2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )


Edit: these updates are really fast now I'm at 40% already and I just turned on my PS3

Edit: again it's done

Megaton2954d ago

Seriously, very unexpected. I'm playing Fat Princess right now so I can't confirm this is live, otherwise I'd approve.

meepmoopmeep2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

must download

i just started and i'm at 17%

guitarded772954d ago

I'll update in the morning, I hope it fixws the font issue.

NewZealander2954d ago

OMG i hope uncharted works now, it worked for awhile but started freezing again so i hope this helps!

Sarcasm2954d ago

Nothing's changed. Fonts are still big. Gray Boxes are still there. Ticker is still running.

I'm pretty sure this is more for the software issues like for Uncharted.

Multi-Console Owner2954d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

It's just an optional update for the Uncharted freezing issue but they should have made it mandatory since most of the new PS3 owners aren't aware of how PS3's FW updates work. I doubt any of the new owners scroll of to the settings tab and check for an update daily and most of them don't check N4G daily either. A lot of them aren't going to be able to play Uncharted without that FW so Sony should have made it mandatory to benefit them.

Also, the hideous grey boxes haven't left. Still there, still ugly.

SiLeNt KNighT2953d ago

does anyone know if this is only a fix for uncharted? i was having problems with my ps3 freezing about every 30 min. while playing MAG also. might as well dl and try...that is if the servers ever go back up for MAG!!

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

Guess, they're gonna do something else with those boxes. They know we b!tched about them after all.

insomnium2953d ago

I heard Uncharted had problems with 3.0 but since that particular update I've played it through on hard and on crushing (I got my platinum finally) and i haven't noticed any problems whatsoever. Lucky me?

zag2953d ago

I haven't had any problems with FW3.00 I found it speed up games.

So the problems could be in people's mind or very minor.

Alas though new firmware updates come on game disks and thus PS3's will get updated anyway when people play the latest games on their PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung2953d ago

because you did NOT experience it does NOT mean it did not exist. That is why it is a bug, because it is not always caught during testing.

It happens to every company including MS, Sony and Nintendo although Nintendo rarely adds anything to their console.

likedamaster2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'm so bookmarking this article.

An update to fix an update. MEGAFAIL!

Sarcasm2953d ago

"An update to fix an update."

Better an update to fix an update rather than no update to fix the update.

kratos1232953d ago

does it also fix the controller problems i hope it does

Syronicus2953d ago

Nothing to see here. Glad they got on the fix ASAP though. It shows that though it is a free service, Sony is still dedicated to keeping the consumers happy. Kudos for the quick response Sony!

Real Gambler2953d ago

You must not use a PC running Windows to write stupid things like that, otherwise, you would run out of bookmarks for those updates fixing updates!!

DirectX: Tons of updates between the all the major updates
Windows Explorer: ooops
Windows Office: ouch
Windows Media Player: Don't even talk about it
Windows Genuine Advantage: Heck, they even managed to screw that up too
And the list goes on. They literally invented the Service Packs to save us time.

Things happen, get over it and save your bookmarks for something more interesting like games : )

TechWiz2953d ago

The last update for MAG caused the freezing (zipper knows about it and working on a fix). MAG beta servers has been down and will be backup on Thursday 09/17/2009, along with all the Qore beta players. I'll see you in the battlefield.

slayorofgods2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

You should print out a copy of this article and hang it next to your Bill Gates poster.

weazel2953d ago

Since updating to v3.0 one of my official dualshocks has decided that it wont respond to button presses.(Very rarely used, and was working fine before the update) - Second one still going strong. Does anyone know if this update will sort this out?

randomwiz2953d ago

@ slayorofgods

you mean steve balmer?

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TheHater2954d ago

I download it, but I do not know what it do :(

MattyF2954d ago

It probly just fixed the issues that Uncharted caused.

meepmoopmeep2954d ago

dammit i just want the grey boxes gone

navyguy212954d ago

what was wrong with Uncharted?

ReservoirDog3162954d ago

Uncharted was freezing a lot since the 3.0 update. This new update will probably fix those freezing problems.

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PoSTedUP2954d ago

hopefully it gets rig if thoes stupid sparkels and fixes the friends list...

Biggunz2954d ago

you can set it to the original XMB without the sparkles....

PoSTedUP2954d ago

really? how do you do this? THANK YOU LOL

meepmoopmeep2954d ago

choose Classic in the Themes background

GrandTheftZamboni2954d ago

You could disable it in 3.0. I hope they have an option to disable the ticker now.

PoSTedUP2954d ago

k thanks guys, this is good to know.

Ratchet_Co2954d ago

You can get rid of the ticker by changing the date 1 year ahead. That way no news is posted because the PS3 can't read the future. :P

Munders122954d ago

Nice to see Posted Up likes to complain before taking a 10 second look in theme settings to see if he can change it himself.

Feral Gamer2953d ago

I like the sparkles, it makes me feel like a princess

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NIN642954d ago

I am bored while I wait for Uncharted 2 demo so I checked system update. I was very surprised to find one available.