HardOCP: AMD Next Generation ATI Radeon Eyefinity Technology

[H]ard|OCP writes,
"It has been a good long while since I walked into a GPU demo that truly gave me a "Wow!" feeling. In fact the experience even surpassed "Wow!" It was more like, "Holy sheepdip Batman, that kicks ass!" I was simply blown away by the Eyefinity experience. ATI Radeon Eyefinity technology really made me excited about gaming again. Technology demos are sometimes fun to see, but hardly ever do I walk out of a demo feeling like I just saw something that would impact my computing experience. Without a doubt, Eyefinity is ready to deliver a tangible computing experience benefit now...not 6 months from now when some promised-for-years game finally makes it to the market."

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Pandamobile3235d ago

Crysis demo at 7680 x 3200 please.

Major_Tom3235d ago

Screw that, I want it in real definition. Which I'm pretty sure is just not capable lol.

W S K3235d ago

i like the idea...somehow
i mean....7680 x 3200....that´s insane!( in a "nerdy" good way ;) )
but all those black lines from the display edges....THAT looks horrible!
almost like there´s a wire over those panels.
3 displays are fine.....but 24??? NO WAY!

i´ll wait till they release a REAL...uhm *calculates*
O_O WHAT???!!! 24576000 *rubs eyes*
that´s "twentyfour million and fivehundredseventysix thousand pixels.......oh lord!!!
i think it´s going to be a LONG time until we see some of those LCD´s or Plasma´s.....or LED´s.......or whatever they come up with ;)