The Portable Gamer iPhone Review: Radio Flare

TPG says, "Radio Flare has to be the most unique style of game ever created. The main objective is to keep the rhythm of the music progressing by collecting red flares from destroyed enemies."

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roblef2938d ago

Again with the "most innovative" game. Really? Is it?

bgrundman2938d ago

of course not, but with the limited audience, who cares?

CrAppleton2938d ago

Hmm.. I guess you're right.. haha

Tempist2937d ago

They forgot about Rez.... which this game is directly based on.

Seriously, did everyone who reviews iPhone games completely forget about the decades of games prior that have almost explored every idea and concept? They are not reinventing the wheel with these games. What's next? A Pacman clone dubbed as the greatest game of all time?

roblef2938d ago

Sounds kind of like mechanics. Just sayin.

wondroushippo2938d ago

Thus is the kind of stuff I love to see on the iPhone - games that wouldn't have seen the light of day if not for the App Store. Neat!