Dissidia: Final Fantasy characters list

Dissidia: Final Fantasy has a 28+ character cast with all of the main heroes and villains from every past Final Fantasy game from the core series of titles. VGB has listed the characters confirmed by Square Enix.

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infamous_273393d ago

I'm still iffy on buying this game. I found the gameplay to be overelmingly easy. Does anyone know if theres more the two attacks?

mdt hunter3393d ago

there will be more available when you level up

AllroundGamer3393d ago

i played the japanese version for about 60+ hours, and i think there were 6 attacks (pressing square button, pressing analog stick up/down + button, pressing analog stick and left/right + button, and the same goes for the circle button), some of these attack also change if you are in hypermode, and of course you can upgrade and change them before any battle. And the japanese version was later sometimes pretty difficult...

Menchi3393d ago

Also, hidden combos are in the game, for example...

Terra can do Ultima on the enemy if you chain cast her aerial attacks and connect each one, and then tap square.

ABizzel13393d ago

It's a great game for the PSP. But I wish it was for PS3 (even multiplatform since Square's games are multiplat or 360 exclusive nowadays).

They would have been able to do so much more. For starters more attacks, more magic, more arena interaction (I like grinding, and wall running), better graphics, more characters (FF7 could have filled the list for Dissidia alone, so there should have been like 30-40 characters I hate when games rely on adding new characters in the next installment just to make you buy it. I wanted Tifa and Vincent.)

But nevertheless, we have a good PSP game.

ExcelKnight3393d ago

Considering how they originally intended this game to be a PS2 release, I'd say putting it on PSP was a good enough choice. Ad-Hoc Party support is more than enough incentive for me to play the game on my favorite portable.

AP3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Bear this in mind people! Only the 22 characters are playable! (Heroes and Villains from FF1-10 and Shantotto from FF11 and Gabranth from FF12!

This is a bit rubbish really - it's not even a complete list. Many party members and important characters from every FF show up in small cameos - but none of them even have 3D models.

Oh, and the Ninja/Monk are merely forms of FF3's Onion Knight. Luneth is the SAME CHARACTER as Onion Knight - not a different one - and the artwork for Luneth is from FF3 DS, not Dissidia! Dark Knight Cecil isn't a villain - and he and Paladin Cecil are the same character.

All in all a terribly written and researched piece. Proceed with caution.

mephman3393d ago

I agree, this information has been known for a ridiculous amount of time. I'm surprised this site didn't do a similar story when Final Fantasy VII was re-released on PSN.

fffan93913393d ago

How can you make a Final Fantasy fighting game and not include Gilgamesh? It doesn't make sense.

Menchi3393d ago

I imagine it's because he doesn't really fit the idea of "Main Hero or Villain"

He's never really been a stand out character, and instead a one off boss, or summon.

seraphic thanatos3393d ago

Actually he seemed to play a big roll in FF5 but he tied in more with Gulf than he did Butz. He would probably have been added if they would have put more characters in the game from each series.