Intel to design playstation 4 GPU?

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"The nice Sony engineering lady at CES told us that Intel essentially bought the win, a theoretically good architecture, no imminent threats of going bust, and not being hated by Sony all contributed too. With a couple of deliverables satisfied, the PS4 GPU belongs to Intel. No word if this is going to be the entire architecture, CPU as well, or not. That, from what we are told, is not final yet."

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jack who3336d ago really? are you 4 real? gtfo

onijutsu3336d ago

yeah i agree they are a very shoddy source, but i did this for teh lolz.

Boty3336d ago

really? REALLY? really?

Well anyways.... lol

fire233336d ago

Some how I doubt that Sony would go with a Cell/Larrabee combo. Since the CPU is almost guaranteed to be a CELL derivative.

BBCnewsrocks3336d ago

CELL/Larabee doesn't seem to far-fetched IMO. Since they put a ton of resources behind CELL and have slowly been getting the 3rd party dev support back, I doubt they'd ditch that. And if this "sony engineering lady" is to be believed, then Larabee is pretty much confirmed right?

JRaptor3336d ago

This seems unlikely - the Larrabee is not proven and is fairly similar in architecture to the Cell. It would kind of neutralise the benefit of having a dedicated graphics chip since the cell can take on a lot of the graphics anyway.

Marcelles253336d ago

Not Really...
When You Think About It
The CellBE and LarabeeGPU Are
Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
They Are Made To Compliment

Tsar4ever013336d ago

MAN, sh*t!! Didn't any of ya'll SEE THE DATE of the article posted? It's FEB, 09 for christ sake. STOP PUTTING UP THESE OUT DATED ASS articles. So just to get hits/trafic and crap! Sony aready said it's not gonna happen.


FarEastOrient3335d ago

Some where on this page it should say this is an editorial piece since there is so much opinion used to describe some information on the GPU wins of the coming consoles.

dantesparda3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Oh dear lord! (and i aint even religious) say it isnt so! Sony just lost the next gneration right there with that bit of news. Intel has NEVER! and i repeat NEVER made a decent piece of graphical harware. I guess this race to the lowest bidders isnt really useful to us gamers. Oh well, maybe PS5 Sony, good luck. Unfortunately, i dont really think i'll care by then, sh!t i barely even care anymore now.

Peace Fannies

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Marty83703336d ago

You think Sony would go with an untested chip. Intel hav'nt even got any bench marks out.

Pandamobile3336d ago

Okay, who the hell approved this?

It's from February and it's already been confirmed that Intel is not designing the PS4 GPU.

3336d ago
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