Need for Speed: Shift vs. Forza 3: Graphics comparison

Which racing game has the best graphics? Forza 3 or Need for Speed: Shift? According to Shift's Patrick Soderland, Senior Vice President & Group General Manager European Studios, NFS: Shift has the best graphics, of course. Maybe, until Forza Motorsport 3 will be released. Under the following link you can find several screenshots, showing a graphics comparison between Need for Speed: Shift and Forza 3.

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Snoops the Sniggerin3382d ago

Everything else looks on par with Forza 3.

shocky163382d ago

It's going to be the best racing game this gen along with the best driving simulator this gen, GT5 :)

The kings of racing return.

jromao3382d ago

Even with the blur added in SHIFT for the motion the photos shows better lightning in SHIFT. If SHIFT physics and gameplay are good then we will have better game on that fields than Forza.

Mu5afir3382d ago

If you don't believe me.. watch the trailer:

And tell me, you can do half of that in real life.

chrisnick3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

seems to me all the cars in forza are shiny as hell. maybe its the time of day or something, watching both side by side though, is like.....the difference between gta4 and saints row2.(as far as shine is concerned.

uhhh......Mu5afir, it is possible, just not in those cars, and not at those speeds.

Mu5afir3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Unless they are controlled stunts.. they are NOT possible in real life. You can't turn a car 180 degrees and keep the same momentum. It's an abomination to physics. Try taking a toy car.. move it on a straight line. Then turn it 180 degrees as you keep moving forward. You will notice resistance. You won't be able to keep momentum and move the car around 180. That is why we only see these stuff on HOLLYWOOD movies. Because they are controlled stunts. FAKED.

Nothing against Forza, but the game is supposed to be a SIM right?

chrisnick3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

but uhhh

just watch the first minute. nowhere near as ridiculous as f3 but still doable.

St03382d ago

I'd say NFS:shift has better lighting and reflections, but Forza 3 has more polygons. i'll get both though, and GT5 when it's out

JOLLY13382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Yo! you say those stunts can't be performed, yet you say stunt men can do them. So, by your logic, stuntmen are real and their stunts aren't grounded in real physics. Nice!!! I guess Toyota's defy physics also. Astin Martin's have way worse handling than Toyotas. On a side note, that was a cool video Chris.

Jamaicangmr3382d ago

I know you got what he is saying and are only being difficult. However similar stunts are possible but only with specialized cars built for those. Even then stunts like the 180 at that speed with no effect to momentum is simply impossible as that defies the laws of physics.

It's even in the stunt video that Chris posted when the person was doing the 180 the guy tailing had to slow down to compensate for the drop in forward momentum. Now look at the forza 3 video and there is no slowing down it was done seemlessly and there in lays the problem that Mu5 was talkin about.

JOLLY13382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Yes, and in the Forza video, it was sped up to make it look like it was going faster than it was. There are tons of videos just like this on the internet. One thing I think everyone here misses is the pivot point. That is how it looks like it is still going the same speed. The front end stops and the back end goes twice as fast (yes, I realize a little less than twice). That makes the car behind have to speed up to close the gap. That is why the vid was sped up.

Nelson M3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Or should i say Flopza

Flopza 3 looks like a Boring Drive in the Countryside on a Very Dull and Dank Day

hay3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Both games look sweet but I prefer to see how it looks and plays on my TV than on static screenshots and/or scripted trailers.

Edit: Can anyone send me a link with Forza 3 screenie with c0ckpit view with hands on wheel? Thanks in advance ;]

really duh3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Disagree? trying to compare NFS shift with forza with tiny screenshots. All the forza 3 content we've seen is from a old build anyways LMAO

I love how the tiny screenshots from that site make the cocpit views from both of the games seem on par.

JokesOnYou3382d ago

Why the small pics? lol,

They both look amazing but Forza3's poly count is superior= Forza3 looks better, now after that I can't speak for NFS gameplay/physics but Forza3 is undoubtedly an improvement over Forza2's awesome gameplay, add more custimization, even better features, more tracks, more authentic cars and the answer is clear= Forza3 will leave NFS:Shift in the dust.


really duh3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago ) Was that suppose to be a smart ass slam?

Leathersoup3382d ago

If looks were all that counted, Megan Fox would be president...

Tarasque3382d ago

Well this just show's fanboys will go to great lengths to justify nonsense. Well obviously you have not played Forza 1 or 2, cause neither game are you able to do that. You buy into this fanboy crap on this site and believe udder sh1t and think it is the truth. It is a pre-rendered scene my god.

popup3382d ago

If these Forza 3 shots are all taken in 'photo mode' then what is there to compare here?

uie4rhig3382d ago

thats CG mate.. physics aint like that..

beardpapa3382d ago

Hate to break it to you but it's been said by T10's forza community forum that the E3 trailer you have on that youtube link is prerendered CGI.


And you guys gotta check out some youtube vids of Shift interior view. It's pretty amazing. Looks more exciting than Forza. Physics-wise I don't know.

Jecht3382d ago

Anyone else tired of these "Forza 3 vs. (insert racing game title here)" "articles" and comparisons?

AKNAA3382d ago

The details/ graphics of the car models look better in NFS:shift.

emitsiti3382d ago

Both look really good, one is not better than the other... the only magor difference is that Shift uses much more blur than Foza, and that is it. Both are photo realistic. Just give it up for both devs...

SuperM3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Shift definately looks more realistic while Forza looks like... well it looks CG'ish if i can say that. Looks good but does not look real. As for who has the best technical graphics i have no clue, but in the picture of shift where you are driving through a forrest it looks alot better then Forza.


really duh3382d ago

Its not surprising PS3 fans feel this way about a game that infuriates them. Also getting some revenge for the Turn 10's smack talking is part of the motive.

Aquanox3382d ago

EA is infamous for releasing bullshot videos and pics from their racers, especially Need For Speed (A horse that has been beaten way beyond death)

Just remember how all other NFS were suppossed to look and play and see the final results.

Anyone saw NFS being nominated as best graphics or racer at E3? Ok, just figure out why.

SuperM3382d ago

Actually yes i saw NFS shift being nominated as best racer. Also unlike every other NFS game lately this game is actually being made by a talented developer, and the people who have seen it in action says it looks like the screenshots.

The Master Chief3382d ago

Forza looks better and Forza will kill Shift in features and physics.

October is getting closer for Forza 3 :)

Jazz41083382d ago

You can rely on most of these comments since again this is a Sony site and NFS will be on Sony's console, so is it any wonder that your going to here its better then Forza, even if its not.

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Ilikegames763382d ago

looks better than Forza3. Forza 3's screen shots looks bland. NFS:S' screen looks very dynamic. Don't know about the game play though, have to wait until the games comes out to make final judgment.

free2game3653382d ago

This is being done by the people who made GTR2, it should play much better than Forza.

table3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I agree that NFS looks just as good. Not obviously better but on some screens it is noticeable but on others forza is slightly better. People need to stop hyping forza3 graphics so much or they'll look stupid when NFS and GT is released.


Why did they compare NFS:Shift to Forza3? they should've compared Mario Kart with Forza3 lol

Shadow Flare3382d ago

Well mario kart probably has more realistic physics to be fair

JeffGUNZ3382d ago

Good thing you "lol" at your own joke, because no one else did. Why don't they compare KZ2 to Viva pinata, I think they were similar in sales.

dustgavin3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Jeffgunz sounds like a hurt 360 fanboy. Don't worry, you will still be able to hold your arms out and steer in the air once natal is released. Hopefully, your 'gunz' do not tire out from all that air-steering before you need to change dvd discs.

Baka-akaB3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Didnt get the memo ? this year need for speed changed their games and focus .
This one will be an attempt to go on Forza and GT's turf . And maybe a successful one

3382d ago
Shadow Flare3382d ago

Well you won't have to imagine for yourself anymore because soon you can make a friend with milo

CyberCam3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

That was funny as hell!

I'm not into this war over consoles & games, personally it's up to individual choice (no 2 individuals are a like) and I think it's stupid to dis someone else's personal choice (unless they are passing off their personal choice as general fact).

I must admit though, your post had me LOL!

JeffGUNZ3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

What's sad is that you actually took the time to think of something to say and that was the best you came up with. Congrats big guy.

Also, think outside the box champ. Imagine that project milo interactive technology in RPG's like fallout, fable, or mass effect. This technology will change the face of RPG's forever. But, you know what? Fanboys just see someone talking to a little kid and IGNORE the possibilities of what that technology is actually capable and what it WILL do for gaming.

Shadow Flare3382d ago

You know, people who leave comments usually do think of what they're going to write before they post it. I guess you don't, which would explain the majority of your comments. I guess you might slate me if i said the ps3 motion controls are more accurate but well BAM there it is

CyberCam3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

You do have a point there... the 360 user interface, casual games and RPG's will benefit from Natal (oh and possibly RTS's as well).

The key quote is that developers need to "think outside the box" to utilize it so that it works for all users (not just casual & RPG's). The problem M$ have is that 90% of their userbase is made up of hardcore gamers (mainly FPS/TPS junkies). So in order for Natal to succeed they have to come up with a useful method of implementing it in their bread & butter games (Halo & Gears franchises).

JeffGUNZ3382d ago

I bet it must be nice to finally have school over and be home for the summer. Your comments are useless and so are you "insults". Believe what you want, but Natal will blow ALL competition away.

@ CyberCam

I have read several articles stating that many games will be a hybrid mix. Like Call of Duty for instance. You get into cover against a wall with the controller like normal, but you tilt your head a little and your character can see around the corner. This is how they plan to implement it with hardcore gaming which is brilliant. A hybrid mix would be the most beneficial for hardcore gaming in FPS.

CyberCam3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Sound interesting, I'd like to see if gamers will actually use a feature like that.

Oh BTW, using COD is a very bad example for your cover argument (at least in multi-player), cover is absolutely useless in the COD franchise, the 'stopping power' perk voids all cover and allows you to shoot through all walls & obstacles like they're made of paper and 95% percent of players use! That's why it's well known as the 'run n gun' shooter with very little tactical aspect to it. But I know what you meant & where you were heading with your answer...

LinuxGuru3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Do you have any idea how far away we are from achieving any sort of realistic AI interaction that is beyond "stupid" level?

Neither the 360 or the PS3 have enough processing power to render any amount of characters containing AI that will "revolutionize" interaction in RPGs.

At most, you'll see stuff like a character in Eyepet, that reacts to your movements and maybe has basic speech responses or something, scripted to respond to certain questions.

It'll be like in i, Robot, when the old guy died and left Will Smith's character that AI-pod thing that answered his questions based on pre-prepared, scripted responses. And when Will Smith's character asked the wrong said "I'm sorry, I cannot answer that question blah blah".

I don't really know what something like Natal could do besides add environmental interaction (which is already around with something like the PSEye...yes, it has head and face tracking software in the CURRENT SDK) and basic scripted AI - Human interaction.

lol it'll probably be limited to asking the character what color the sky is, or what he's wearing, or what he's doing. Something like Milo sounds like LOADS of fun, eh?

CyberCam3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

You are correct, that kind of interaction is at least 5 years (minimum) down the road.

Always nice to hear from a fellow linux guru... cheers!

badz1493382d ago

sorry to bust your bubble but looking at current situation, you're way off, my friend! you said that natal will revolutionize gaming like in RPG or something but RPGs (or most games) are scripted story driven games which acquire you to do specific stuff before it can progress! how would interaction with the protagonist help in progressing the story? what will other gamers without natal or maybe PSeye do? most devs are doing their best to make their games look similar on all platforms yet you're saying that they will implement natal in their games? believe me, natal will end up be another gimmick and only useful for certain applications and specific games but to say that it's going to be used in general is like saying, martian will invade earth someday - it will never happen, at least not in this generation! 3rd party devs are not going to sacrify their potential sales just because of natal like most multiplats that is similar in contents with DVD eventhough the PS3 using BD and not many sixaxis applications because the 360 and PC don't have any of that. natal is not like Wiimote which is a default controller scheme for the Wii! it's a peripheral and not everybody with 360 will have it! maybe 1st party dev will do something but with M$ having a very small in-house studio, generalizing natal as a universal's too far a fetch to make!

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Salvadore3382d ago

They both look good.

See what I did there?

MerkinMax3382d ago

Games are never allowed to share common enthusiasm this gen!

Syronicus3382d ago

You fanboy!!! Fanboy of games you! ;-)

ShabzS3382d ago

pls take you rationality and logic to the gamer zo... huh .. wait a sec .. oh sorry ... reading some of the comments i got confused for a second

Myst3382d ago

I dunno, don't we already have one Need for speed vs Forza 3?