In the WoW forums: mounts trainable at 20

Just a brief blog about the announcement of upcoming mount changes to the World of Warcraft. The appropriate blue post is linked within.

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Xbrainer3329d ago

I think its about time the game became a little less of a pain to play given the fact that it is getting to be pretty old. Taking out some of these early restrictions should relieve some of the annoyance of making new characters.

Phaqutomb3329d ago

always making the game easier. I was stuck getting a mount at level 40 then they changed it to 30 now its going to be level 20.

Cheeseknight283329d ago

Back in my day, we had to wait until level 40 before we got our mounts. Can you believe that, son?

We had to wait until 40... and that was just fine with us.