MGS: Rising not to appear again until E3 2010

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

In an interview in the latest issue of the Weekly Famitsu, Kojima revealed the game will not even be mentioned again to the press until E3 2010. Instead, the team will focus attentions on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid: Arcade, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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WildArmed3266d ago

My top MGS most wanted is...
Peace walker!
Big Boss> raiden :D
heck big boss>99.99% of MGS world

chaosatom3266d ago

yeah, but it's for the psp. :(

Darkeyes3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

Boy kojima seriously seems to be uninterested in Rising. Guess he was not kidding about the fact that he won't work on a 360 MGS... I think that Kojima not only spit on the face of M$, but also vomited all over it.

M$: I am willing to give you XX million to bring MGS4 to the 360.
Kojima: Are you joking.. The game is 40GB. Would take 5 discs on the 360 and the royalties you charge over a disc is ridiculous.I will incur losses if I even brought it to the 360. And besides I am a man of my word. MGS4 will remain a PS3 exclusive.
M$: Oh well at least bring the next MGS on the 360.. We are willing to give XX+XX million for it.
(Kojima gets a wicked idea)
(M$ announces Rising.. A spin off at E3 and next day Kojima goes public saying he is not directing the game. All interests goes to the TRUE MGS sequel on PSP.)
M$ angrily: How could You!!! You breached the deal.. We are gonna sue you.
Kojima: I stuck to my word of bringing MGS on the 360...Only you forgot to mention all the conditions...
Kojima walks out... Enters his new Ferrari bought off M$ money and zooms off leaving M$ feeling like a jackass...

...A rough representation of what could have happened. You rule Kojima.

jdktech20103265d ago

he's not working on the PS3 version either

So apparently the only platform he likes is the PSP. Sucks for the 360 and PS3....come on man

PirateThom3265d ago

That's the point, he worked on the PS3 for MGS4 and he's working on PSP for Peace Walker.

He's not working on any platform for the multiplatform spin off, since it's not his game or a proper sequel.

eagle213265d ago

I can't wait for Peace Walker. :)

DNAgent3265d ago

Yeah but it doesn't star some emo character in a spinoff that's not directed by Kojima. :)

I'm glad Peace Walker is being made as it saves me from being disappointed with MG:R.

mistajeff3265d ago

I'm really glad he's making the next PSP MGS, and that there even is a new one to begin with. Portable Ops was awesome, and the fact that he had little to do with it other than keeping the plot in check gives me faith for Rising. I was hoping to get a playable cyborg ninja of some form.. though I think a game about gray fox would be way cooler than one about ninja raiden.

GiantEnemyCrab3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

SDF working overtime in another article.

Of course you don't want MGS:R of course you are going to assume that Kojima will have nothing to do with it. Of course you will assume that PeaceWalker PSP is suddenly going to be better than a full fledged HD console release.

It's all sour grapes, you're mad that the 360 is getting the "next generation of the Metal Gear Solid franchise" <- Kojima's own words.

So what studio are they farming this out too? Since you are all so confident Kojima is just going to throw his namesake to just anybody because of the bags of money MS has thrown at them.

It's no coincidence at all MGS is great up until E3 now it's suddenly the ugly stepchild you all want nothing to do with and are creating as many ways as you can imagine to separate this particular MGS game from MGS4 or the others.

Sour grapes and you aren't fooling anybody.. Now disagree away denial is your strong points.

Pirate: Thanks for the reply and so it is staying internal at Kojima productions then. I guess I just have more faith in Kojima than even his strongest supporters here. Because I don't think he would walk out on stage claim MGSR as the next generation Metal Gear game and then allow HIS game to be anything short of a masterpiece. PS3 fans have told me he is a perfectionist and perfectionists don't allow that kind of thing to happen. I have a feeling he will be deeply involved with everything that has to do with it.

I would share the same sentiment if it was being farmed to another studio based off of past experience. However, it's in good hands and shouldn't be treated as some abomination. If the game is even 1/2 as good as MGS4 we are in for a treat.

PirateThom3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

They're not farming it out to anyone, it's being made by Kojima Productions, but not the MGS4 team or Kojima. It's being made by Kojima Productions "next generation", their "less experienced" team, and fronted by Shuyo Murata.

Nothing to do with it being on 360, entirely to do with it not being a Kojima backed game or even the bulk of the MGS team being involved.

Fans of the series should be far more interested in Peace Walker since, it's the next proper game in the series. Rising is the equivalent of Ac!d, as far as I'm concerned. It may not be a bad game, but it won't be a Metal Gear Solid game.

PirateThom3265d ago

Reply as I can't edit.

No, I don't think it will be an abomination either. Murata directed (co-) MGS4 and ZoE2 and even the mini-game nightmare "Guy Savage" in MGS3, so he knows what is expected of him. This is Kojima giving the reigns of a console Metal Gear game over to another team, probably planning for the future, and it onus is on them to deliver, I just have a lot of doubts from the way the team seems to have been split, with the main MGS4 team working on a PSP Metal Gear Solid.

I do like Ac!d, so comparing it to that isn't me saying it's going to be bad in any way, I just think it's going to be quite a wide departure from what a Metal Gear Solid game is generally considered to be.

Maybe it will surprise, even if it's not a Metal Gear Solid game in content, maybe it will earn the name.

Tony P3265d ago

I have respect for the devs involved, but I think more involvement from the series creator can only be a good thing. So I hope he's not just pissy because Rising is a spin-off Konami wants from him. While a great reason to be pissy, that energy should go into making the game shine regardless. All in all who gets screwed if it sucks? Gamers do.

whoelse3265d ago

The truth is really coming out about Rising.

First they wouldn't say which platforms it was coming to other than the 360, then we found out it was also for PS3 and PC.

Then we heard that Kojima in fact has nothing to do with the game after all.

And now we won't hear any more about it for another year.

I wish Peace Walker was a PS3 game.

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gauntletpython3266d ago

i was already pretty sure the game wouldn't be due out until 2011 anyways.

Forrest Gump3266d ago

Kojima isn't even working on this,I'll give the team a chance but to be quite frank if it's just a GOW clone I won't bother with it.

gauntletpython3266d ago

well, hopefully shuya murata is the head behind it. he co-wrote MGS3/4 and ZOE2, and designed the gameplay for the guy savage mini-game.

PirateThom3266d ago

At E32010, I'm also sure Kojima will announce Metal Gear Solid 5, which will make this pretty lulzy.

FrankFoxJaegar3266d ago

So far off... although I'm more interested in Peace Walker anyways, just a year away for that one.

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