Did Microsoft Destroy OnLive Before Launch?

At GDC it was announced that OnLive will hit the market Fall 2009 with 16 games and more features but recently at the biggest stage in the gaming business E3'09 OnLive was a no show. All they had there was stickers promoting OnLive nothing else, no booth , no games, no new announcements.

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3273d ago
qface643273d ago

this article just seems kinda silly if you ask me

also im pretty sure there is a big difference between downloading a game and the so called video game streaming on live will do

WildArmed3273d ago

exactly i was like does the idiot even know what he is talking about?

MS will make u download the game.. so u'll have to wait a few hours 2 PLAY the game.

OnLive will kicking within a few secs.
No wait.

You tell me whats better.

Soo no, MS has not even scrathed OnLive.