Project Natal - Most Discussed Topic From E3 2009

Market research firm Buzzstudy has analysed the most discussed announcements from E3 this year and Project Natal has been the most talked about topic at the show this year. With Metal Gear Solid and PPS Go also being in the top 5 most discussed games, Project Natal still surpasses them with ease. See who else be the subject of talkin' at the source.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3391d ago

People can play without a magic wand or stick in their hand. No time has there ever been a tech that takes the controller out of your hands and replaces it with voice, facial, and full body recognition. Not only can you play games with "NO" controller but you can also navagate the NXE/Netflix menu. The PS eye just put your face in the game like a video camera and let you move a flower or a box on screen. No voice recognition, no body recognition, and no multiple facial and body recognition. No magic Wand Wii-mote thing to wave around at the screen. Just sit down or stand up and play, that simple.

skapunkmetalskater3391d ago

This whole motion controlled immersion, especially Project Natal is one step closer to Virtual Reality becoming a real thing, and it's what we've always wanted from gaming, or for gaming to go into... most of us anyway.

Syronicus3391d ago

I just hope that it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get one. I know that with tech getting cheaper these days, this device should be relatively inexpensive upon release next year but MS has a bad rep for slightly overpriced peripherals and I hope they do not do the same with this one.

Gun_Senshi3390d ago

Eyetoy has facial and voice regonistion

Gun_Senshi3390d ago

Its so "Never seen before stuff!!"


Xi3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Only showed the eye capable of utilizing 2d actions. Nor did it show 1:1 actions like natal is capable.

Johnny Rotten3389d ago

lol it does look like a glorified eyetoy. Call me an old timer but I think I'll stick with a controller.

Cherchez La Ghost3390d ago

Sony was working on this technology first and never pursue to revolutionize it.
Now MS picked up where they stopped. Now MS intoduces Natal to the world. If Sony decices to progress back with the Eye-Toy, how would the handle what the industy say about them?! Think about it, the Eye Toy is similar tech to Natal.
I remember the tech demo's with you no controller. But now Sony has a motion controller. Why didn't they stick with no controller with the tech demo's with the Eye Toy with the PS2?!

paracardium3390d ago

talked about because of its of its looming failure.Probably cost more then the system and have failure rates as high as 46%!! :)

Xi3389d ago

games are missing including.
Gran Turismo psp
Final Fantasy 14
Halo odst/ halo reach.