GameFocus Exclusive Review : Red Faction: Guerrilla

GameFocus writes: "It's been seven long years since the last Red Faction game was released. Back in 2001, Red Faction debuted on the Playstation 2. It utilized the then-new Geo Mod technology, its selling point being real-time terrain deformation. In other words, just about everything in the game could be blown up. Red Faction and its sequel, Red Faction II took a decidedly revolutionary approach to the first person shooter. Instead of forcing gamers into a linear level structure, Red Faction allowed the user to forge their own path."


+ 100% destructible environments
+ Great array of weapons, all upgradable
+ Control scheme is simple
+ Mission system is clever and innovative
+ Wrecking Crew mode is awesome
+ Graphic engine holds its ground most of the time
+ Multiplayer is fun and addictive
+ Great replay value


- Storyline is good but quickly forgotten
- Controls aren't customizable and weapon menu doesn't use the directional pad
- Few framerate drops during huge battle sequences
- Character models lack detail and variety
- Soundtrack is present but doesn't add anything special

Final Verdict

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PrimordialSoupBase3337d ago

Had a feeling this would be good, just not great. Nice surprise.