MMOHub Interview: 'RuneScape' Past, Present, and Future

In the second part in the three part interview series with Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard at MMOHub, Gerhard talks about Jagex's flagship title, RuneScape.

He goes over Jagex's new position speaking out against people calling RuneScape a game for kids, a mystery game update possibly coming by the end of 2009 "that could be an entire game on its own," and his goal to turn RuneScape back into a game made for free players, not one that focuses on its paying membership.

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cain1413339d ago

I've never been a runescape fan myself, but it's impressive what they have done with it...

ahnonamis3339d ago

I'm in the same boat. I put RuneScape in the list of games I just never got into, but respect a lot for what they've done.

Viewtiful3339d ago

Runescape totally slipped under my radar and then all of the sudden I'm like "What? 2 billion player installed base? Really?"

Ocelot39973339d ago

That's because you have to be really cheap and not care about quality. If they did they'd just be playing WoW like everyone else.

Ixon3339d ago

Have to say I agree. While I may not enjoy Runescape myself, I approve of getting younger gamers into playing MMORPGs.

ahnonamis3339d ago

He DID say in the interview that they were trying to make people realize it's NOT a game for kids...

Coyotegrey3339d ago

Kiddie approved.....and I approve as well since it's not dumbed down.

Just because a kid can't reach the naughty magazines on the top shelf doesn't mean he or she can't get to 'em. Know what I'm sayin' dawgs?

TheSmokingManX3339d ago

RuneScape has perpetually been the game I make fun of people for playing, even though I know if I actually tried it and gave it a fair chance, I'd probably love it.

italianbreadman3339d ago

It seems there are a lot of games like that out there

TheSmokingManX3339d ago

Yeah, but Runescape I'd say is the epitome of that sort of thing, at least with online RPGs.

forthegamergood3339d ago

Runescape is addictive, and it's really improved over the past few years.

iheartdestr0y3339d ago

Never a runescape guy. Still cool.

ahnonamis3339d ago

Yeah, it's always cool to see someone high up in the company talk candidly without dealing with PR or producers.

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The story is too old to be commented.