Nintendo's Worst-Case Scenario for E3 2009

Last year's "surprise" reveal of Wii Music at E3 just about made GamesRadar's heads explode, and the continued domination of Wii Play and Wii Fit have them preemptively bracing for the worst possible outcome at next week's massive trade show in Los Angeles.

Here's what they are irrationally afraid might happen, and how Nintendo of America prez Reggie Fils-Aime will use his charismatic Reality Distortion Field to make them think it's going to be so much fun.

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Smacktard3373d ago

Hahaha, what a read. That was awesome. Mario Karty was still the best, though. I loved the Reggie Rationalizin' parts.

I disagree with the concept of a Kid Icarus-style Link's Crossbow Training game being THAT bad of an idea, though. I mean, Link's Crossbow training was both more fun and more difficult than the abysmal Twilight Princess.

But back to things... oh my god, I can't get over how awesome the Reggie's Rationalizin' segments were. Dear god, many lols were had. Those puns are brilliant.

Smacktard3372d ago

And this just in: Nintendo is working on Wii Fit Plus and Paint Academy, or something similar. Now, these are PROBABLY going to be mentioned at E3, so this article isn't doing so badly, though it's satire.

N4g_null3372d ago

Worst case scenario is actually the best one that could happen. Gamesradar version is seriously stupid though and not even funny let along logical. I'm seriously wondering what it takes to get a job with those guys?

The worst case is nintendo support their fans and the new ones. yet you can't get what you want if you will not even support paper mario, excite truck, metroid, the new play control donkey kong. Hell hardly any of you bough f zero so I don't understand why you want it?

Nintendo makes their expanded market games and 3rd parties show off their hardcore games. If you get to see a mario or zelda game or a kid Icarus or a f zero you will be lucky. Pikman is on deck I believe. I'm not a fan of that game really but it's fun in it's own way. I'm looking forward to what the 3rd parties have to say right now.

Why wait for them to show some thing and then get mad when they show some thing you don't want? Go else where there are some good 3rd parties in the making this gen.

Johnny Rotten3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

The sad thing is I almost expect something like this to happen.

"looks like all that's left for me is the cowbell"

II Necroplasm II3372d ago

I hope they do ok this year.

SL1M DADDY3372d ago

If you think long and hard, what announcements can they bring up that will in fact stir the hearts of the hardcore while at the same time titillate the senses of the casual gamer? None if you ask me. This year will be yet another E3 where the Wii is thrown at the feet of the casual gamer and where Nintendo, while clinching fists of money will laugh maniacally and say.... SUCKERS!

I know it's a dismal outlook but heck, what do you expect from a disapointed fan of Nintendo?

Lumbo3372d ago

Main announcement this year: Wii Music 2 (Wii motion+ and more balance board support, same game)

Nihilism3372d ago

"prez Reggie Fils-Aime will use his charismatic Reality Distortion Field to make them think it's going to be so much fun",

yep those marketing people can spin anything

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