Interview with Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard - Part 1 of 3, Getting to Know Mark and Jagex

Part one of a series of interviews with new Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. In this part, the topic is Mark's history, and the company as a whole. Mark talks about what kind of tech Jagex works with every day (more than you'd think), as well as his goal to change the public image of Jagex and make it more accessible to players of RuneScape and their other titles.

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Coyotegrey3158d ago

I'd like him more if he bought me a cake...or a pie. Pies are good too.

iheartdestr0y3158d ago

I know plenty of people who spent months of time on Runescape, I'll send this to them. Maybe it'll break the spell...

ahnonamis3158d ago

It's actually not a bad game if you can ignore the godawful graphics.

bozebo3158d ago

yes, it used to be very good.
until they ruined the economy, ruined some skills, ruined many combat techniques... etc.
the core gameplay is still nice, but it was far better and more balanced in 2006.

forthegamergood3158d ago

RuneScape is like crack. It's dirty, and no one talks about it, but secretly, everyone always wonders what it's like. Great game, though.

Nightfallen3158d ago

For a browser game, it's friggen huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.