Prototype vs. inFamous

Dutch gaming website has written a special about inFamous and Prototype. Which game will be the best and why? They look to developers history, special powers etc.

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onijutsu3494d ago

where is my michael jackson popcorn eating gif...

Rock Bottom3494d ago

Shouldn't they wait until Prototype is released, or at least until they review it?

Chris3993494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Sensationalist headlines and knee-jerk analysis is where it's at.

Did Sony sleep with MS' girlfriend?

Does the Nintendo Wii cure or CAUSE cancer?

Will Kojima's next game be a DS dress up sim?

I can't stand HHG, but the man seems to be at the forefront of a growing trend of conjuring stories out of pure conjecture.

EDIT: And personally, Infamous seems more polished and less generic than Prototype by far. But really I'd have to play both to make a substantial evaluation, and seeing as how neither has been officially released, articles like this seem a little silly.

joemayo763494d ago

LOL aww man i couldn't have summed up gaming journalism better myself
But yea kinda stupid to compare a game just released with one not even out yet. They both look alright (pickin up infamous tomorrow).

Only minor gripe i have (and i mean minor) is that in the preview vids of prototype it seems like a bunch of the main characters animations are reused from the HULK Ultimate Destruction game (which was a pretty fun game) We'll have to see if that was jus for preview build or not tho

mrlahey3494d ago


Someone with a common sense i love it. Have a bubble.

shysun3494d ago

Chris, What the hell does HHG have to do with this? This kind of journalism was here long before HHG and will be here long after he's gone!

Chris3993494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

It's perfectly fitting that I mention him. 90% of his articles end in question marks for Christ's sakes.

Like it or not, he has developed a reputation for EXACTLY this type of baseless comparison/ speculative journalism. That's his trademark, that's why people like and loathe him (I'm not a fan myself, but I have nothing against the man - he has to pay his bills and work just like anyone else). I wasn't insulting him, it's how he does his business. Just like Howard Stern pushes his message with boobs and profanity. I'm not upset by coarse behavior, Hell I even indulge in it from time to time, it's just business is all.

And again, HHG is directly associated with the type of journalism that I was referring to; it seemed like an appropriate acknowledgment in the course of conversation.


pain777pas3494d ago

Nobody cares and many are getting both games sh!tdisturber.

GWAVE3494d ago

The only people who care about this comparison are 360-only fanboys, because PS3 owners will be able to try out both games and come to their own conclusion.

StephanieBBB3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

You got it all wrong. It's the PS3 owners that should care because if they can only get one game this summer and it's between prototype and infamous, they can have these comparisons to help them out in not buying the inferior superhero game.

360 only owners doesn't have a choice so all they can do is buy prototype and stfu.

UnSelf3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

i think me and Cajun Chicken are the only ppl on this site who thinks Prototype is goin to be just as good if not more fun then Infamous. And btw infamous, aside from KZ2 is the best game out this year

edgeofblade3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Played the Infamous demo. My verdict is that it is worthy. I'll be getting it when it comes out.

At the same time, I think Prototype is more powertrippy and over the top, but I only have vids to go on.

So, which one is better? Niether. Who cares... they are both games that are probably worth playing, and that's my scale. Binary scores are better.

Edit: Shut yer trollin yap StephanieBBB. I got a PS3 explicitly to play the great games that are PS3 exclusive. The cost was justified. But I still play most multiplats on my 360 because... well, because I don't have to justify myself to snarky dipshits on the Internet.

DaTruth3493d ago

Considering how much reviewers bring up the small graphical problems in Infamous, Prototype better get laughed out of reviews with a five. For an open-world game, Infamous looks incredible!

No FanS Land3493d ago

well we're three then. I also think that prototype might be better than infmaous. anyway I'm buying both I guess and I'll see for myself

Consoldtobots3493d ago

having had infamous for two days now I can say that this is what GTAIV SHOULD have been. It is a VERY fun and engaging game. That being said I have NO PLANS to pick up prototype as I can only stomach one open world game at a time.

NOW THAT BEING SAID I think the console with both games wins.

thats_just_prime3493d ago

Thats site is complete trash. They pick infamous has a better game cause they like the dev wtf ? They didnt touch gameplay, control, story, sound, replay or how fun the game is.

seriously who buys a game cause it made by EA or THQ ?

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Romar3494d ago

Haha, they look objectively to both games, this is not an article for fanboys but for people who can't decide which game to buy.

dragunrising3494d ago

The difference is that Infamous has a demo, and Prototype does not. It's better to wait for a demo comparison. Both games are worth owning by the looks of it.

Raz3493d ago

Well I say I'm getting infamous, but Prototype is going to be more fun.

Mutated creepy alien virus powers vs. electro-man = MCAVP FTW! ^_^

Unbiased13494d ago

"Ultimately, so the infamous big winner,"

Romar3494d ago

Yeah, if we look to the points given inFamous is the winner. But in the conclusion it says that both games are good and they have both great quality. So in the end both games are a welcome addition to any gamers library.

Unbiased13494d ago

If you have PS3 that is...

Defectiv3_Detectiv33494d ago

'but none of the games will give you a miskoop do'.

That's right, you heard it from first, you can not get a miskoop do from either of these games.

Which leads me to my next question, what the hell is a miskoop do?

God I love my browser's translations

Baba19063494d ago

ill be buying both i think.

KaBaW3494d ago

I agree, sir.
I will be picking up both.

Alvadr3494d ago

Yep me too if Prototype gets good reviews.. Tis the season to be powerful

LONEWOLF2313494d ago

Yep yep, i already have inFAMOUS SO ill be picking up Prototype for the 360. Gotta give love to both worlds. And on a different note DAMN DO NOT believe what the haters are say about infamous the game ROCKS! On the graphics front Demo Vs Retail,Cole has better textures and most if not all the jaggies are gone making the game look that much sweeter. So far im doing the side missions and picking up dead drops. Im gonna TRY to pass the game on good Karma i say try cause everytime i get myself into a fight against the Reapers there always seems to be casualties these civis should know better and not get in the way of my lightning god there is a heal ability.

RememberThe3573493d ago

There are too many games coming out for me t buy them all. I have to prioritize.

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hay3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

No, no, no. No Prototype vs inFamous but Prototype AND inFamous both gonna end in my games library. Although I'm gonna get Alex for PC, sharper textures, aye?

KaBaW3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I agree, sir.
Gonna get Prototype on my x360 and inFamous on my PS3.
My PC isn't nearly good enough to run any games, now a days.