Next Kojima Project to be revealed at E3

It seems that is not yet which Kojima Production decided to shows the world what is coming. If you recall, last Thursday opened a teaser site which revealed a countdown. The countdown is now over and it revelas another countdown.

120 hours is now the time left to finish it .. This time, we have a background image darker and more intense rain .. In half, and periodically, it is possible to observe again the 5 (or S) and this time also what appears to be an E.. followed by a 3 - that means the announce should be made at E3.

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steck673491d ago

Hopefully it's MGS5 or Metal Gear something because I am a huge fan of Metal Gear. I want to learn more about Raiden and Ocelot's side of the story.

Then there is a possibility that Kojima may reveal ZOE3, which will make me have to change my pants.

Bartosss3490d ago

A mgs game about ocelot would be very interesting, it will probably be downloadable content about raiden. But hopefully a stand alone game about Raiden.