Why I didn't adore Final Fantasy XII

Gamer Limit writes: "Big name video game franchises, such as the Final Fantasy series, possess numerous elements that make them the memorable gaming experiences that they are, while also allowing for longevity over the years as additional games are added and competing series spring up. Yet these high standards we set for such games make it all the more disappointing when they, inevitably, fail to meet them."

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Clance3470d ago

I just don't adore RPGs

Fullish3470d ago

I do, so much better then western RPGs.

AcesAndEights3470d ago

Got bored of Final Fantasy quite a while back, would be nice if they tried to add something new and innovative instead of flogging the dead donkey of an IP.

DA_SHREDDER3470d ago

I think whats killing the genre is the fact they are trying to be so innovative and "adding new things" as you say. They are ruining their games and trying to appease people like you but all they are doing is hurting themselves. If you know anything about games and npd numbers, its all the old school games and remakes that are selling and making a profit. Its all of these new ip's with these broke @ss action elements with crap for story thats gonna kill the genre indefinitely.

Ziriux3470d ago

Only thing I adore about the FF games is the story line.

Dimly3470d ago

You're out of your element, Donnie. FFXII was brilliant.

chrisjc3470d ago

FFXII was probably the worse Final Fantasy in my opinion. Like the author says, it has little personality, outside of the David Bowie look-alike.

TheTwelve3470d ago

FF12, the only Final Fantasy I never finished. Sad that it has the name of my favorite number. Storyline was extremely boring.


Heaven_Or_Hell3470d ago

There wasn't a story... obviously -_-

LightofDarkness3469d ago

I loved XII, it had a much more mature storyline and cast, it was almost Shakespearean in scope. Vaan was a poor choice for the lead, Basch was the obvious pick, but other than that I enjoyed it immensely. The combat system was FAR more engaging than previous games. Plus the voice acting was superb (bar Fran).

Speaking of the worst Final Fantasy game, that unkind accolade goes to the steaming pile of whiny angst that was Final Fantasy X. I've never in my life despised a cast of characters as much as I hated those idiots in X. The dialogue was CRINGE worthy.

chrisjc3469d ago

Ack! Haha. FFX was actually my favorite. Despite the poor dialogue (it was their first voice acting effort!), the game is very, very fun. I also thoroughly enjoyed the sphere grid.

mrb3ar3469d ago

Don't let the disagrees get to you, XII was a great game. I wont say it was the best, but I definitely loved it. People saying they didn't finish it should go back and seriously enjoy the game for what it is.

Danja3469d ago

FF 12 was the only FF I have never finished also got to Dr.Cid and got bored not long after that.

The storyline , boring characters except Balthier killed it , the summons sucked , the world wasn't interesting to explore , I actually liked the battle system though.

Final Fantasy 9 still remains the best game in the series , followed by FF X .

pain777pas3468d ago

Balthier should have been the main character in this game. WHy Vaan? Balthier was witty and cool. Vaan was annoying and the princess was cooler than Vaan too.

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SpoonyRedMage3470d ago

XII was good, but not great. It had a lot of trouble in development such as Matsuno's illness which eventually led to him retiring.

I thought they went with the wrong character though, they should have kept Basch as the lead as originally planned or put Reks as the lead. he was way cooler than Vaan.

Tony P3469d ago

I agree absolutely 100% yippy.

What I give FFXII was the gameplay. It's the most fun I've had grinding in a long time.

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