inFamous - Euro versions to get English language patch

VG247: Following news this morning that Sony was to release the Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian version of inFamous without English language support, SCEE has just told VG247 that the firm has u-turned on the decision - English is to be patched in at a later date.

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Alcon3493d ago

Can you imagine going through all this hassle again for every Sony exclusives?(having to complain again to get uncharted 2, GOWIII, the next Ratchet, ect, in english?!!)

So do we have to expect patches for all Sony exclusive games now?

This is one of the stupidest moves Sony has made

Baba19063493d ago

yay thats so awesome. as a suisse i allways prefer the english version over french or german. so this is great. hope the patch comes soon.

s8anicslayer3493d ago

lols, so true since english might be our only language

arvfab3493d ago

And what about the other languages? I live in Germany, but ordered the UK CE version. I don't have a problem to play it in english, but i'd like to hear the dub in the other languages :D