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First Images of Need for Speed Nitro

The first ever images of Need for Speed: Nitro from Spanish magazine NGamer. (Need for Speed: Nitro, Nintendo DS, Wii)

matey  +   2192d ago
very nice stylized game police chases should be good in that agressive style
hotrider12  +   2192d ago
looks better than undercover SWEET!!!!! to bad its only for wii
itani  +   2192d ago
Need For Speed still exists?
Uncle Rico  +   2192d ago
Seeing how hott NFS Shift looks and then going back to this...ehhhh I doubt ill pick this up.
kesvalk  +   2192d ago
ditch NFS, i want rock and roll racing 2!
PS360PCROCKS  +   2192d ago
Looks bad from those screens lol
scissor_runner  +   2192d ago
Doesn't look that bad. if they fixed the stirring then it could actually be really fun.
Hisiru  +   2192d ago
sorry guys, but what is need for speed?
scissor_runner  +   2191d ago
It's a console game. Every played out run? Yeah sort of like that but different. Are you new to gaming? If so I can send you some great stuff to check out.
Hisiru  +   2191d ago
i am not new, but i think i never played need for speed, is for what console? and thanks.

actually I'm not a player of games of race, but I want to know.
Chippie  +   2070d ago
Dosent look that bad
Considering its for the Wii an DS it dosent look that bad

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