10° Interview: PomPom Talks Astro Tripper, PSN just posted an interview with Michael Michael of PomPom games. The interview covers everything from their PSN titles Astro Tripper and Gemini Rings, to potential Home support, to Sony's recently-announced Pub Fund.

Here is one sample question from the interview:

" Can you comment on the recent news of publishers being charged by Sony for putting content on to PSN, and what that means to small developers like yourself?

Michael: It doesn't mean anything. As I said before, if Sony want to put our games on their console we are going to take it. Download costs are part of the deal. We (or any other dev for that matter) would be plain stupid to turn down the chance because of download costs! Besides, we're used to this kind of expense from our PC days. The rate Sony charge is very competitive."

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3523d ago

$5 well spent compared to sh1t like Noby Noby Boy imo.

PS3 the small developer and buy this (better than Capcom raping you more).

NJShadow3523d ago

I'm definitely considering it.

Ixxat3522d ago

this is an excellent game

Johnny Rotten3523d ago

Someone wrote up a pretty good review about this game, I've been meaning to check it out.