New Diablo III Class Revealed: The Archivist

It's nice hearing more information about Diablo III, even if it's fake. That's why we're heartened to learn that Blizzard has announced a new class for Diablo III: the Archivist.

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FerretWithASpork3521d ago

LOL, That will totally be my class! But yeah, fake news is good news in a game that'll probably be released along with Starcraft 2 in year 2156.

EvilCackle3521d ago

Which is why I hate it when people demand that they change the art. Game's gonna take long enough without the dev team going back and properly emo-izing the graphics.

theEnemy3521d ago

Stop with these teasing and announce the release date already!

pacowles3521d ago

That was a fairly weak attempt at April Fool's humor...on a serious note, it's not like the remaining two classes are much of a mystery. Every Diablo game thus far has had the rouge/amazon class, and with the Witchdoctor replacing the Necro (and Barb and Sorceress [Wizard] already accounted for), I'd be willing to bet that the Paladin is the remaining class. I'd assume we may see a return of the assassin (hopefully not the druid lol) in a later expansion.

Zuhk3521d ago

go back and play the old games. they were much brighter than you remember, this game looks great

TheForgotten0ne3521d ago

I totaly agree, not sure what people are talking about!

cyguration3520d ago

The second Diablo, if I remember correctly (and on certain settings) was actually brighter than the first game due to the new lighting system.

Cheeky Gamer3520d ago

That's a pretty bad April Fools' Day gag, because I actually want that class in the game!