Frogster Secures more territories for Runes of Magic

IncGamers report:

"Berlin publisher Frogster has secured the rights to publish all further European language versions of Runes of Magic in Europe."

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AndyA3131d ago

Looks like Runes is picking up some momentum now. Can't believe it's outselling WoW at retail in Germany.

Leord3131d ago

OTOH, WoW is nowhere near a new expansion atm =)

thetamer3131d ago

For a free to play game, it's not really outselling though, is it?


AndyA3131d ago

lol, read the story. If you can, that is.

Leord3131d ago

Children, children, stop fighting =)

Just read the article, and it makes more sense ;)

Dorjan3131d ago

RoM seems to be getting off to a strong start.

Fyzzu3131d ago

Yeah, they're doing shockingly well. I'm amazed this is as big as it seems to be.

Leord3131d ago

That's amazing. I wonder if this can come as a surprise competitor for WoW in the end?

syrinx3131d ago

This game looks like it could do well. A decent free to play game?

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