No More Heroes Dev Explains the Importance of Bathroom Brainstorming

Shacknews writes: "If the Game Developers Conference seems like a time for high-minded ideas and technical talks, leave it to Goichi Suda, the rebellious creator of No More Heroes and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, to lighten things up.

In explaining where he gets the ideas for his games, Suda spoke of a simple, universal process: "I go to the bathroom, and I try to poop, and I come up with a good idea."

"This is a true story," he affirmed."

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Redempteur3370d ago

i guess every dev has a different muse

Monty_The_Great3370d ago

how depending on how these irrelevant sites make a claim is how much credit it is given. Got to love N4G. I know I do.

BLuKhaos3370d ago

Yeah,some of my best ideas have come to me while I'm in the shower or on the toilet.

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