Steve Ballmer: "We cannot let intel do chip design on Linux ever"

And Bill Gates says: "I asked our people many times if there is
any backsliding on their not using Linux for this."

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Pennywise3569d ago

And yet another shady piece of evidence against MS.

You guys keep giving them your money... American or not, the business practices they use are a poison. I am surprised how supportive people are of them. Ask Steve Jobs about it.

DavidMacDougall3569d ago

I'd say all big companys are shady but say what you want i love Windows XP but nothing else they've done

Lord Anubis3569d ago

this whole MS trying to force intel to drop support for linux drama has been well documented. THis adds to what's going on. Too bad for microsoft Intel has released a linux OS for netbooks.

Genesis53569d ago

They have a strong paranoia when it comes to giving consumers a choice on an OS.

The Lazy One3568d ago

are we posting news about microsoft from before their anti-trust suit?

is this supposed to be surprising to people?

Death3568d ago

Bill Gates and Microsoft helped Mr. Jobs to bring Apple back to profitability before they went under. Since 1997 Mr. Jobs has become incredibly wealthy and he also runs Apple very well. While most of the credit belongs to Steve Jobs, that 150 million was critical to his early success and helped him get the company moving in the right direction.


GiantEnemyCrab3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Maybe it's an age thing Death? Not sure many know that MS actually bailed out Apple. LOL Love it how he says one more piece of evidence when this is just regurgitated "evidence" from 9+ years ago.

ThatArtGuy3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Of course Microsoft bailed out Apple. If they didn't they would have been hit much harder, and in higher numbers, with the anti-monopoly lawsuits.

Kaneda3568d ago

When they bailed out Apple, at that time it was benefiting to them. M$ is filthy rich with that 150 mil! If they still invest that money today. That 150 mil grew like 3000 times what they invested before.

M$ didn't consider Apple as a threat before. Because they were so BIG. But now Apple grew up! And if Apple is still doing good in the future. It will continue to take away market share from M$.

Joey Greco RULES3568d ago

MS bailed out Apple.
Apple needed it.
It was a goodwill gesture, not a business decision.
Most of you were old enough to remember this.
Get over it. Not everything MS does is negative, and you obviously dont understand anti-trust laws.
so shh.

Godmars2903568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

And in the case of MS, some more than most.

its never been a question of creating a product with them and letting it sell itself. Its always been we must be the market leader even at the cost of a product's quality.

@Joey Greco RULES:
MS bailed Apple out at Government insistence.

AAACE53567d ago

Microsoft is a corporation, and just like anything else, once it becomes corporate... people don't matter and traditional morals go out the window!

It's kind of like being a fanboy!

Pennywise3567d ago

Dont act like MS bailing them out has anything to do with the kindness of the company's heart. It had to do with gov't pressure, self preservation, and most likely a guilty conscience. Read up on when Bill and Steve were buddies.

Quit acting like I am young. I am probably older than most posters here.

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killzone2flop3569d ago

Linux is crap only retards use linux Steve Ballmer you tell them how it is your the man.

Graphics Whore3568d ago

You feed the troll, the troll lives.

You don't feed the troll, the troll just looks pathetic and lonesome in his troll attempt.

BGDad3568d ago

Ive seen trolls this is just a mere puppet in my world. He dances and sings but no one cares or listens he just sits by himself in his little world chanting in his mind how cool he really is...

Bottom line Killzone 2 roxors my soxurs...

blackbeld3568d ago

Shut up pp... Microsoft is going down soon very soon.. LONG LIVE OPEN SOURCE LINUX!!!!!!!!!!

Mikerra173567d ago

This guy says that only ideots use linux, when the fact is that really only smart people use linux because you have to know things to get linux to work

evilmonkey5013567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

so I will paraphrase.

Microsoft: intel will you make us a chip?
intel: sure....(intel goes and tries)....(comes back) (says) your operating system is crap, but in runs everything else ever made just fine. Its definitely your operating system...go fix it.
(Microsoft): ok...we will fix it but just enough so that it works and then we can introduce windows 8 as better and faster.
(intel): long as you pay us well go along

cryymoar3567d ago

you're just mad because you need windows to do everything for you. those who oppose linux and anything that is open source are just either too afraid of the idea of having to know exactly what you are doing on the computer, or don't know anything when it comes to computers. and since computers and video games go hand-in-hand, you sir are no one to be talking about video games or talk down on the PS3. You probably don't know WHY the CELL BE is so great, or why CELL + BDR + XDR + RSX = the SUPERIOR gaming console. you probably didn't even know that a byte has 8 bits, or that a kilobyte has 1024 bytes and NOT 1000. just get off of N4G dude. you have nothing to contribute, if N4G was your parents, you'd be a bastard child. Not even xbots care what you have to say.

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GiantEnemyCrab3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Time for these guys to change their name from boycottnovell to boycottmicrosoft. Expect more old documents with a fresh new coat of hate on them from this site throughout the week.

Submitter, nice touch with the pic!

Death3568d ago

It has nothing to do with end users like you and me and everything to do with the server software at that time. Microsoft like any business works very hard to maintain it's position. I would expect them to agressively go after any business opportunities. If Intel was looking at moving over to UNIX and Linux, what did you expect Microsoft to do, throw up a white flag and quit?


Lord Anubis3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

this came recently to light. At least read the story before you start kissing it.

"WE CONTINUE exploring Microsoft’s mischiefs which were intended to derail Intel’s support of GNU/Linux. We make careful use of antitrust evidence that appeared very briefly in 2007 and then pulled due to a secretive settlement. Previous posts on the subject include:"

Death3568d ago

Did you read the so called "evidence"? It's various email replies from Microsoft employees that are trying to save an account with Intel. I didn't exactly see anything "criminal" unless you think working to try and resolve issues with a vendor as being horrible in some way.

I like this, it's very sensationalist, "We make careful use of antitrust evidence that appeared very briefly in 2007 and then pulled due to a secretive settlement.". If this issue has already been resolved in a court of law, what does this blog intend to do that a court hasn't? I enjoyed the first season or two of the X-Files just like everyone else, but I'm not sure this blog rant is able to justify the poor helpless trees that had to suffer in order for it to see the light of day.


Lord Anubis3568d ago

resolve an issue?. I guess you didn't read anything. Bill Gates and Ballmer were trying to prevent Linux from spreading further and thus assisted Intel as much as they could. That wasn't the first time doing it. They tried to stop Walmart and Dell as well. That's uncompetitive behavior. It's not something that has been resolved as Microsoft continues to stop the advancements of Linux in government agencies around the world.

Death3568d ago

I'm not sure I understand your point. Perhaps GM should start telling their customers to buy Toyotas? You are correct in stating that Microsoft was trying to stop Intel from using UNIX. You might want to sit down for this, but I hear the guys at Coke don't want people drinking Pepsi. They have gone so far as to introduce new flavors based on Pepsi products and have gone even further by buying other smaller ocmpanies in order to remain competative. Bic and Gillette are fighting over Razors, Sony and Samsung over TV's and believe it or not Apple sells over 75% of the worlds MP3 players and pretty much crushes everyone that comes to market which includes Microsofts effort with the Zune.

It's a crazy world.


Lord Anubis3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

oh son, see Coke made new flavors in order to compete. Sony and samsungs make new tvs to compete with each other. Razor comes up with new technologies for the "closer shave" but when you go and try to stop another company from using another competitive product by making deals to supply them at dirt cheap prices to avoid the agency from using linux or giving them for free or even assisting them to keep them happy. In Dells case they were threaten to raise the price of XP during that time but of course it was a bluff or they would have been sued. That my son is being anti competitive.

Do you get the point now? Microsoft didn't go and create a new product to better compete with linux they wanted Intel to stop support for linux. Luckily Intel has finish their Linux OS.

Graphics Whore3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Lord Anubis, you're smarter than this fellow, don't boil down to his level. Death literally thinks he's always right even when he's wrong, don't bother dude.

He's very shrouded in his self thinking.

Death3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I find it odd that this article is supposed to incite us to anger over Microsofts "evil" ways when we are not getting all the information needed to form an intelligent opinion. From these emails all I see is a company trying to retain a client. It's not unusual in any way.

As far as the conversation I'm having with my dad is concerned, here's a question. What do you think happens when you own a restraunt that serves Coke products but decides they want to serve Cherry Pepsi instead of Cherry Coke? Usually Coke will send someone out and rip out the machine or at thevery least remove their products. Last place I worked the company had purhchased a vending machine that was serviced by Coca-Cola. It was in a private break room used by employees only. We placed Mountain Dew in it since we liked it more than Vault. When Coke came out on a service visit they removed all the Mountain Dew, didn't replace it and didn't pay us for it. Funny how that works.

As far as your claim Microsoft didn't create a new product to compete, read the emails. The issue they had was in creating a custom OS that would transition Intels exisitng UNIX applications to the new Windows NT. Once again this has nothing to do with Intel using Linux on client machines, it was about server applications in 1999.


mirroredderorrim3568d ago

Actually, it DOES have to do with the end user, because we are the goal of ALL companies, then our wallets.

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Llort3568d ago

Are rampant child molesters and beastial sexual predators. None of them have a moral compass because of their lack of intelligence. Avoid discussion with Xbox Fanboy, they'll just bring you down to their level and beat you with the experience of failure.

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