COD 5 Xbox 360 and PS3 server problems: New local options

It happened in Call of Duty modern warfare and now it's happening again in COD 5 world at war. The issue is problems with the server and connecting with friends while playing online.

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Hellsvacancy3600d ago

How about problems "with Cod5" - the game sucks balls im surprised any1 bothers playing it over Cod4

drewdrakes3600d ago

While 4 is good, im bored of it. How can you keep playing the same maps over and over again?

Theres nothing left for me to do in that game.

prunchess3600d ago

I can play FIFA 09 for hours with my mates in Germany, but we're lucky if we can get a co-op together any time we try with COD WAW. COD 4 MW was never as bad as this and it had plenty of problems with disconnected hosts, constantly losing stats and downloading game settings! Two games and still not sorted. I wonder if infinity ward will complete the hattrick with MW 2?

BLuKhaos3600d ago

man you too? god I thought I was the only one.I mean the game is fun but after the 4th month it gets tedious.I have a few people on my friends list that got the game the first day it came out like me and they are still playing that game.I mean WTF is left there to do?

Gantrfaxx3599d ago

I agree, that game is hardly playable online. I sold it and went back to COD4.

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Llort3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

It's only on the Xbox, Microsoft calls it a special feature just like the RROD.

I boot it up and it tells me Live is insufficient service to process my task and it automatically goes to the single-player portion.

MGOelite3600d ago

ps3s problem is differnt sometimes when you click play online it will just say downloading game setting for like 5 mins

LeGenDx3600d ago

i have no say in this because i dont have cod:waw but i felt the pain in cod:4 sh!t was so annoying.. couldnt play with friends

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3600d ago

I WISH PEOPLE WOULD GET THE FREAKING NAME RIGHT...IT'S NOT CALL OF DUTY 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

solidsnakus3600d ago

stfu, its cod5. just cause the number is so high that they decided to stop numbering them dosent mean its not the fifth game.

LeGenDx3599d ago

are people that lazy? maybe they should stop numbering FF13

Kushan3600d ago

Pretty much all of the problems listed here are inherent with online games in general. COD is just so popular, it's more obvious.

tbone4323600d ago

Do you guys see a 5 anywhere on the box of cod waw? I sure don't. Its Call of Duty World at War, NOT COD5!

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