PS3Evolved Article: Sega Can't Catch a Break

PS3 Evolved asks, Why do the good, quality games released by Sega never sell? Will Sega ever return to its former glory? and will North America ever see Yakuza 3?

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MasFlowKiller3464d ago

GTA For Japan isnt that appealing, i didnt like Yakuza 2 too much, but maybe ill like this one

sunnygrg3463d ago

I, for one, would definitely like to see Yakuza 3 sooner. However, a simultaneous release for a Yakuza series is asking too much. First we will have to wait for the Yakuza 3 spinoff.
I sincerely hope Sony would push for the game to be released in the US at around the same time. GTA just isnt enough for me.

Asurastrike3463d ago

You didn't like Yakuza 2? It was in my top 5 games of 2008. I can't wait for Yakuza 3, if it ever makes its way across the pacific.

sonarus3463d ago

I really really do hope they at least try to get this game to the west. I didn't get valkyria chronicles cus i knew i wouldn't have time to play but i'll probably pick it up this summer. I hope they don't let poor VC sales discourage them from sending it. This is easily one of the best looking games coming out of japan

SaiyanFury3463d ago

Yakuza flopped in North America? Hardly. It may not have sold several million copies like a HALO or Gears of War but it DID receive a decent following over here. I, for one, loved the original Yakuza and Yakuza 2 even more. I seriously doubt that SEGA wouldn't release it over here since it wouldn't really cost that much money. Most of the money spent would be in basic localization. Translating the kanji and kana into English, leave out an English voice track, and sub the Japanese-spoken cut scenes. Then release it over here, there wouldn't be too much involved. I'm sure SEGA will bring it, we need only wait.

FrustratedFury3463d ago

I honestly hope your right. I loved the Yakuza games, but I believe that Sega's becoming weary of their position in the North American sales, and if they don't think Yakuza 3 will do well, they may decide to not release it here.

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George Sears3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

The Yakuza series hardly sell in the US so I doubt the third one will come towards us anytime soon or at all. It's sad to see there games flop because most of the games that they make are good stuff. The Yakuza series at whole is just as great as Shenmue imo and Valkyria was a great SRPG.

rockleehong3463d ago

I preordered it already !

Obama3463d ago

It saddens me that the sales of Valkyria Chronicles is so low. It is one of the greatest games ever made in this generation, and yet not many people are willing to give it a try due to it being a strategy rpg.

I hope Sega is not discouraged by the sales and will keep pumping out quality exclusives for the ps3 like VC.

As for Yakuza 3, I am pretty sure that it will come to don't worry.

Sharpshell3463d ago

VC is a totally awesome game! I wish that third-party developers would learn that the situation isn't like it was last generation where there were enough ps2 in the world that they could just make a game and enough people would buy it. They shoulda had a more agressive add-campaign so people like my brother who loves srpgs but pays no attention to videogame news has never heard of this game and my telling him isn't sufficient, he needs mainstream confirmation.

patterson3463d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is an awesome game.

IMO, gamers today have sh*t taste.

ActionBastard3463d ago

How many VC ads did you see on TV? I blame Sega marketing for its low sales. VC has received an absurd amount of universal acclaim, yet its sales do not reflect the quality game it is. People will not buy what they aren't aware of. Trophies may have helped too.

Kira833463d ago

another part of the reason(in canada at least) was that you just couldnt find VC. took me 3 weeks after release, i saw a solitary copy siting in a box behind the counter at EBgames and i jumped at it. and i still dont see too many copies floating around.

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