IGN: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Q&A

IGN had a chance to talk to David Seeholzer, senior development director at EA Los Angeles, to find out more about the Ultimate Edition and what PS3 owners can expect when the game is released later this spring. How does the Ultimate Edition use the Blu-Ray capacity of the PS3? Are there any additions to multiplayer? Will any technical issues from the previous versions be addressed?

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PS3thedestroyer3527d ago

See Xbots your version is crap ours is better.

saf1007923527d ago

you might want to read the gamer zone posting guidelines

PirateThom3527d ago

KB/M option or no sale. Sorry, RTS doesn't work with a controller.

Kouzmich3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Remember playing RA on PS. Worked then just fine , wy it should stop working now ?
But KB/M support would be appreciated.