PS3 Firmware upgrade bypassed !

Here is a video and tutorial which shows a successful bypass of the PS3 firmware check! This is confirmed to allow you to play PS3 games online WITHOUT updating and you can access the Official store without upgrading your firmware. This method may also allow for some form of downgrading methods too.

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dissectionalrr4317d ago

ps3 is going to be the place to be for pirated software. i bet developers and publishers are loving that right about now...

Bleyd4317d ago

This reminds me of the workarounds that people would implement to browse the internet using their PSP. In the same way that the PSP could be used to play homebrew and copied games before the later releases of the PSP firmware, you might have the same problem with the PS3. Homebrew quickly became extinct when you could no longer revert your firmware back to the old firmware where you could play copied games and homebrew games because new, more fun games were soon released that required a certain version of your firmware to be installed before you even started the game. The firmware required was included on the game disk which made it impossible for people to complain legitimately about the restriction. The same thing will happen with the PS3. New, must have games will come out requiring a certain version of your PS3 firmware or else it won't play. It's only a matter of time before this is implemented and developers and publishers know this because they'll be the ones to implement that restriction in their games.

GaMr-4317d ago

Just kidding. Yeah bro your right about that. Alot of people are trying to exploit flaws and weaknesses with these new technology. Such as the Playstation firmware and next gen formats Bluray and HD-DVD included. Im no hacker I just think these respective companies invested too much money in these products to let some wanker sit in their moms basement and come up with a plot that could drive the company basically bankrupt or cause them a whole lot of money and a whole lot of problems.

timmyp534316d ago

They deserve to go to jail! And may god have mercy on their souls...

nanometric4316d ago

Have to admit I haven't bought even one licenced game! But there is a reason, I can't afford games for 40Ls(~70$), my average salary is 150Ls(~300$) a month, so do the math! I can buy a game only for 5ls, thats 8 times cheaper!!! So, sorry, but I like em!