Phoenix Game reviews Fallout 3 - their 2008 game of the year

While comparisons to the highly successful "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" are unavoidable, "Fallout 3" will stand proudly on its own, despite the noticeable similarities between the two open world RPGs. From the engrossing post apocalyptic setting to the game's addictive combat and high production values, this game builds on the success of Bethesda Softworks' "Oblivion" in just about every way.

The "Fallout" series debuted on the PC in 1997 and received much acclaim from critics and PC gamers alike. Over the years the series garnered an audience of loyal enthusiasts, who, after the unveiling of "Fallout 3," immediately opposed the game's departure from its conventional overhead view to a first person perspective. While the new perspective does dramatically change the gameplay experience, it is ultimately for the better, as it creates a level of immersion not seen in the previous games.

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