Killzone 2 To Save The PlayStation 3?

"The long awaited first person shooter for the PlayStation 3, Killzone 2, will be releasing shortly and might have a lot more meaning than most people think. If Killzone 2 does not fly off of the shelves, as well as sell many consoles, Sony would be faced with many problems making it almost impossible to catch up to the Xbox 360. So what does Sony need to do to make sure that Killzone 2 is this successful?" -TheGamerAccess

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ReBurn3512d ago

Here we go with pinning all of the hopes for the PS3 on one game again.

The Killer3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

killzone 2 to kill the 360??

MURKERR3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

360 needs saving articles then? its ridiculous, ps3 is healthy has a great library especially for 2009 and with a price cut things can only get better where are the N4G mods? sony do need to advertise KZ2 during the superbowl though

GrieverSoul3512d ago

@1 - Right on my friend!

Sony doesn´t rely on ONE game! Even though, for me at least, this game is the ONE! lol

If by January end Sony drops the PS3 price and then February opens with Resident Evil 5 and Killzone well and good advertises... Man! Sony would gain serious ground.

FYI: I know RE5 is multiplat and bla, bla, bla... My comment aint biased or toward negativity to the also great console the X360. In this recession and financial problems I think we all should be happy that a company does or will do well in the future. Lets us hope for better games and the income money to be able to purchase them. XD


The ps3 dose not need saving.

gaffyh3512d ago

Every damn time a good game is coming out for PS3, there is a "Will Game_X Save the PS3" article. PS3 doesn't need saving, KZ2 will probably sell relatively well, and shift quite a few extra consoles.

But we all know what Sony really needs to do is a price cut, but they won't do that cos they want to be profitable to keep their shareholders happy

mint royale3512d ago

but if it did then killzone 2 would not save it. It is 1 game that would provide a bump. Thats all. The major bump for the ps3 will come with a huge price cut that could be announced on April 1st at the end of their fiscal year. But that said the article is stupid. It does not saving although sony would like some extra sales.

SL1M DADDY3512d ago

Anoth silly article that writes the balance of the PS3's future hangs with one single game...

Article = Fail.

boodybandit3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

That would be insane if Sony advertised during the Superbowl. It is usually the top 3, if not #1, most televised event of the year.

Oh if only Sony would spend the coin to do this and end the commercial with the PS3 now $299. KABAAM!

Oh well. One can only hope.

BTW this article and all articles like it are complete trash. Sony never did or will need one game as a reason to own their console. Sony's biggest selling point for me has always been diversity and variety. Every generation they create several new successful IP's and keep their past successful IP's going strong with sequels. They have already created a few new IP's this gen and more and more will come every year.

Love them or hate them (how silly is that to say in general to hate a company that provides "entertainment"?) they are not going any where. This dead horse (PS3 = FAIL / needs saving articles) have been beaten to dust. They are not even funny any more. Now it's to the point of just being plain pathetic and sad.

I actually feel sorry for sites that write nonsense like this just to entice hits. Why not try actual journalism for a change instead of negative tabloid nonsense? If you don't have the creative skills to write then don't.

XBL/PSN = BoodyBandit <-- if anyone wants to play some games online when you are not browsing N4G. Just let me know you are from N4G if you send me a friends request.

Danja3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

umm didn't know the PS3 needs saving..?

@boodybandit - if Sony ever did that advertising the PS3 at $299 during the Superbowl with a KZ2 commercial to go with would be a wrap.....

You should apply for Marketing Manager over at would do them well..XD

CrazzyMan3512d ago

From total DOMINATION over all other consoles? No, it won`t. =)))

PS3 at 299$ is a MUST have for EVERY gamer. =)
Those who disagree, think about 140 mln. PS2 users, which await to PLAY BEYOND on PS3, when the price will be RIGHT(199-299$).

PS2 is still most played console in NA.

Thugbot1873512d ago

I don't see it happening and here is why.

Remember the reason why we have different genres of games, because different genres appeal to different people. So as hard as it is far many fanboys to swallow not every PS3 owner will buy KZ2. Leading to the fact it will not sell 8 million consoles on release to help Sony catch up.

As it would also seem the majority of gamers who like to play shooters seem to be on the PC 1st and then the 360 2nd(Fact: More shooter fans own a 360 over PS3 a reason most cross platform shooters sell better on the 360). Also let's not forget the comments of many PS3 fanboys all the 360 has is shooters we play other games.

Now what will help Sony catch up with the 360 will be games like KZ2 from various genres releasing constantly with great marketing throughout 2009. From what I have seen so far 2009 PS3's line up I'm more excited about. However what I have learned from MS they only start bragging about what's available only a few months before it drops (True not in all cases but most. Sony tends to wet themself years before the title drops over 2yrs now no KZ2, FF13, GT5 and so on.), so it could turn out that the 360 may just have a comparable line up.

Let's not forget there are killer cross platform titles coming out, so Sony is going to have to really excite with its exclusives not just be slightly better than what's on the 360 and they have to excite the casual gamer (Please don't tell me they have other wise they would have Wii's sell numbers ).

Beast_Master3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Look I am tired of this "Sony shows their hand to soon" crap from 360 fanboys. The KZ2 trailer from 05 was shown along side with FF13, RE5, MGS4 and others to build hype for the system before it's release. MS did the same thing that year with Alan Wake, Fable 2 and others. They wanted gamers to know that when the PS3 and 360 was to be released it would have a great library. Since that E3 they have not shown games more than a year or two away. MS may have a few "tricks" up their sleeve but Halo ODST and maybe Alan Wake are your blockbusters for holiday 09. Just accept it.

There is nothing that MS (or Nintendo) could annouce that could trump Sony's lineup for 09. Sony has GT5, GoW3, Uncharted 2, KZ2, Heavy Rain, Infamous, WKC, FF13vs. and MAG. MS cannot beat that lineup with anything. And please don't tell me Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake and a half halo 3 game will beat that. (Heck I don't think MS could be PSP's Lineup)

Thugbot1873512d ago

@Beast_Master Ok we all agree that a system has to get hype, and when it comes out you have to trout things they may not drop for a year or more but show the system off in a good light (Flagship products). Now the problem with Sony is it really didn’t have any titles that compare to 2009 in 2008 or 2007, so they kept on showing these titles as though they were coming out that year (basically overdoing it). Now if you look at most PS3 fans they listed all these same games in every argument of who has the better lineup for 2007 and 2008. The point is when you do that move people get hyped up and are prepared to buy the game but when it’s not there and Sony keeps saying nope not yet nope not yet nope not yet you start to lose hope. There is a way to market things like this without doing that to your fans and unfortunately Sony did not do it, and that’s what people are saying (Tell us its coming down the pipe line but don’t market it to us at every possible event like it’s coming out tomorrow if it’s not coming out for years to come.) Now I think you’re a bit delusional saying since E3 they haven’t show the games coming out more than a year or two away because they touted those same games at every event post E3.
I agree 2009 looks like a hot year for Sony, however if they don’t market correctly we will see the same thing we saw with R&C, and LBP and so many other big titles and it won’t make a difference.

MasFlowKiller3512d ago

and we are the one hyping the game

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Nick2120043512d ago

Im not saying the PS3 will fail or succeed with this game but it is very important that it do well with all the money they have invested into it. It would also show the power of the PlayStation 3 even though it is only using a little over half of the power.

Johnny Rotten3512d ago

If Killzone 2 comes equipped with swimming lessons and a life jacket then I guess there's a chance for survival. ;)

beavis4play3512d ago

the 360 console DOES ACTUALLY COME WITH A LIFEJACKET. it's their 3 yr. extended warranty. and without it, the MS system would be dead. and that's a reality, not a joke.
seriously......KZ is looking amazing and the ps3 is fine. your joke comes off sounding kind of immature.

snipermk03512d ago

Day in and day out, I see these stupid attention whores spewing crap. I don't think the PS3 needs any "saving". And even without Killzone 2 in its arsenal, the PS3 exclusive lineup is pretty strong. So, let cut the BS.

Nick2120043512d ago

Please do not get me wrong. The PlayStation has a massive library of great titles, but the general public is not seeing this. Killzone 2 is a title that will shock everyone when they see how amazing it looks. When the general public sees this, they will be able to justify paying more for the console.

snipermk03512d ago

I'd have to agree with you on the fact that the general public needs more education. But, if Micro$haft went as far as putting Halo 3 on Mountain Dew cans, Sony can do the same if not better.

The Killer3512d ago

like that they will gain a lot of attention for the game and the world will know whats ps3 capabilities are!

die_fiend3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Sony won't do anything significant. In the whole history of the PS3, they've never marketed games heavily. Even when LBP got immense reviews they didn't seem to pick up on the fact that most people wouldn't know that and haven't heard of it. The amount of 360 adverts here in the UK is ridiculous, but I rarely seen a PS3 advert. I think they rely on the brand name to sell them, but fact is it's not working as well as last gen and I doubt Sony want to be in third for much longer...

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yoghurt3512d ago

Ok, same old same old.

1) never heard of website posts story about 'saving' ps3
2) the PS3 DOES NOT need saving
3) the PS3 has sold MORE consoles than Xbox 360 had in the same timescale - did Xbox 360 need saving? did we see endless save 360 articles back then?
4) I agree with making KZ2 successful, and marketing it correctly but it has NOTHING to do with saving anything, just promoting it and increasing its already large user base (over 17 million)
5) food for thought, Imagine if Sony could convince just 50% of PS3 owners to buy this game!!!!

have a good day.