Save Points: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

The Save Points: "All in all, this game is more than a sum of it's parts and remarkably impressive in terms of depth and sheer size. I'm over fourty hours in and I still haven't finished the Story Mode, so acing it will take even longer. The game was definitely made to cater towards the fans of the series, with enough fanservice to make brains explode with Kefka's creepy dual-toned vocal performance (going from light and airy to dark and sinister in the middle of sentences) and fangirls squeel with delight at seeing a shirtless Sephiroth. The soundtrack, the graphics, everything makes this not only a must-buy game for fans of Final Fantasy, but for anyone who wants a game that will last them a very long time. The game was released to commemorate the 20th birthday of the Final Fantasy series and I'm not too sure they could have done much better than this."

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meepmoopmeep3426d ago

my order better be in the darn mail this week, dammit!

RememberThe3573426d ago

That video was freakin pointless

meepmoopmeep3425d ago

lol, yeah, but it was the video on the review so i used it.

- The Corrupt -3425d ago

Ah, yeah. I was using the video 'cause it helped me describe the menu. Someone was nice enough to use their video capture card thing to record the menu interface, so I might as well have used it.

Simon_Brezhnev3426d ago

why cant they make a dissida ps3 version

meepmoopmeep3425d ago

that would be awesomesauce

Lonely Hunter3425d ago

or at least ported to the ps2

ud3425d ago

Those are some fine menus! lmao