XCM Cross Battle Adapter Review: 360 Controller on PS3

Loading Reality reviews the XCM Cross Battle Adapter for using an Xbox 360 controller on the Playstation 3.

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INehalemEXI3480d ago

As unholy as that looks I might like it for certain games.

CrAzYbRoS3479d ago

Seems very promising to me...might have to check it out.

pushergreen3479d ago

I hate the ps3 controller so much I refuse to buy the machine, but with sony's promising lineup for 09 it was to much to resist, now I can breath easier knowing that I can use my 360 controller, yay, can't wait for march. This will be great for fps and racing. very cool indeed.

God of Gaming3479d ago

Sounds fairly solid, I might pick it up but I sure wish it clocked in at $30.