Why NOW Is The Time To Abandon Ship On The Wii editor Ryan Rigney explains why he recently sold his Wii, and why he believes all hardcore gamers are cheating themselves if they don't follow suit.

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Nathan Drake3485d ago

If I were you I'd wait until Nintendo start playing the "We can't make enough Wiis to meet demand!" card,that way you can make an easy profit off ebay/craigslist.

I expect them to resume their shenanigans sometime in February,so hold on just a little longer

RKRigney3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

In the article I specifically mention that the Wii is selling on Amazon for about $320. That's a $70 profit if you bought yours at retail.

IdleLeeSiuLung3485d ago

The console that used to get the least playtime was my PS3, but it is now the Wii. PS3 finally got a decent game library and the Wii, well it has a craptacular game library except for Zack and Wiki, Metal Slug Anthology....

dexterwang3485d ago

Agreed... I abandoned wii long ago and just sold my Wii this xmas to a buddy of mine... hope he doesn't come knocking on my door anytime soon...

Wii is dead for hardcore gamers but I used to use it at parties to get everyone to do some casual gaming... and it worked great. But now I got Rockband, singstar and LBP for ps3, which rocks in parties, and my Wii sat for a long while collecting dust.

rockleex3485d ago

I just don't like it when people tell me the Wii IS aimed towards gamers like me!

Really? Cause if it WAS targeted at gamers like me, then I WOULD be interested in it!

Even my hardcore Nintendo friends are backing away from the Wii. They are now looking towards PS3 and 360 for their gaming fix.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this because the Wii will still sell outrageously to "non-gamers" for lack of a better term. And yes, that's the main audience that Nintendo is targeting with the Wii.

mint royale3485d ago

I don't need people telling me what or what not to buy or sell. If your happy with the wii then play it if not then sell it. What is this guy? A damn salesman?! The wii has a few decent games coming out soon so I will check them out and pass judgement on them myself unlike many on here who will never play them but just call them crap.

@drake - nintendo never played that card - the popularity of the wii took them by suprise and it takes time to buy new factories and set them up. Thats why it took a while to increase production. But last april tehy increased production from 1.6 million a month to 2.4 million a month to meet demand and will likely increase this again to 3.2 million a month next april. Good enough?

Thatlalala3485d ago

This is what will happen if Nintendo's crappy shovelware like WiiPlay continue to outsell the the MGS's, the GTA's, the Halo's, the Bioshocks, these games and these experiences will dissapeer. Developer's are already starting to notice that you can still sell millions of copy's of a crappy games to retards with a dev cost of $100. Me being the Hardcore RPG and FPS fan, wants those big name games, so I will continue to support the consoles that offer me those experiences,so devs can still see there is an actual "Gamer" fan base, and not a fan base that consists of my grandma her friends, and my 6 year old sister.

mint royale3485d ago

Are you saying there will be no MGS5, GTA5, Zelda, FF14? That is just an irrational fear bourne out of jealousy of the wii's success. One minute 3rd parties aren't supporting hte wii, the next there going to cancel all their projects and put shvelware on the wii. Which is it? And have you even looked at the wii's lineup next year before bashing it? It is far from just shovelware.

Thatlalala3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Yeah for now. It's obivous the the Dev Team behind WiiPlay has made way more profit the even GTA. With having a smaller team and a lower dev cost there's more of the pie to go around to everyone. How long until other third party dev's catch on and actually make good games for the wii. As soon as CoD or Madden is actually good on the Wii you'll see them starting to abandoned the other two consoles, it's just smart busniess, bigger install base, lower dev cost= bigger profits.

mint royale3485d ago

CoD games will still be made. But instead they may have worse graphics with better controls. When the xbox 720, wii HD and ps4 all release in 2011/2012 then maybe we will get the best of both worlds.

Anon19743485d ago

I was talking to a co-worker who's wife wanted a Wii and he thought this was the perfect time to get her into videogames. We started pricing it out, The Wii, extra controller, charge kit, old school controllers for old Nintendo games and we realized that it came out to the same price as a PS3. I tried to convince him that he should go that route, (or even the 360) to take advantage of his new hi-def TV but he was adamant that his wife wouldn't play them if he did. That's when the light bulb went on in my head and I realized, I don't play may Wii. It's been untouched for over a year. I kept holding out hope for a great game that I'd just have to play - but I don't have time to play all the great games on my PS3 right now as it is.

I sold him mine my Wii before Christmas with everything for $400. I hope he gets more use out of it then I did.

IzKyD13313485d ago

On ebay, Wiis are going for over 350(for just the console), I'm thinking about selling my Wii but I'm waiting for the mega drought before I do (yes, I really do have a Wii, despite my hatred for Nintendo this generation)

Voiceofreason3485d ago

Yes selling more console in a month than Sony sales in 6 is all off of fake demand for the console..You are the perfet example of a SOnyn sheep. Your ingnorance knows no bounds. Even when reality proves you wrong in true moronic fashion you keep on saying the same thing over and over again... Sadly you are probably so inbred you actually feel you have a valid point. However anyone with even a 10th of their brain working can figure out you do not become the best of all time in sales by holding back shipments. Than again any 3rd grader could have figured it out after 2 years.. No its only single digit IQ Sony fans that seem to be so ignorant they cant even grasp something so simple.

Gue13485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The Wii is a piece of crap that it's hurting the core market. Thanks to Nintendo now we have a half-assed DQIX for DS... Who that **** plays a 30 hour jrpg on a freaking portable for gods sake! Only japanese do this kind of ****. This game deserves to be on consoles but not on the Wii but on X360/PS3. And what about Monster Hunter 3? Another game that going to be another half-assed quick buck using the not so innovative Wii aspects... So sad.

The Wii's good to play **** like Wii-fit and other crappy games that we don't care.

Homicide3485d ago

I don't think there was a reason to buy a Wii in the first place.

SaiyanFury3485d ago

I never boarded the ship. I got my Xbox 360 in November of 2006 and my PS3 in December of the same year. I've never had a Wii, but 2 of my friends who owned a Wii sold it in favour of a PS3 merely because they became bored with it. My wife has one but she rarely plays on it.

JD_Shadow3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Why is it that every time someone says something you don't agree with, you automatically assume they're some Sony fanboy? How do you know he doesn't have or like the 360? Part of the reason why PS3 owners get such a bad rep like they do on this site is because people like you never stop labeling people as ignorant fanboys so easily.

It IS true that companies will hold back production to increase demand. This is called BUSINESS! If you have seen reality, then please enlighten us about it, because we're more than willing to see the "REAL" figures you have. No, I don't agree with this article (he said that he didn't want ANOTHER good FPS because he had a 360, which screams ignorance right there, and the original S&P was awesome, and I didn't know they WERE making a sequel to it). I really wish they would get to releasing Earthbound on the VC already since it's going at a snails pace to get that on there when every RPG fan seems to want Nintendo to get it on there. However, even though I own a Wii and hope that Nintendo at least balances this whole thing out soon because I like the system, I'm constantly being labeled a PS3 fanboy because of some of my views against the 360. Me owning a Wii (OR a DS) gets completely ignored, like you're doing and ignoring that some 360 owners will also own a Wii.

Again, why the ignorant labeling? And why is it that you got away with blasting him for what you just assumed without even proving one single point you made?

....wait, did you even HAVE a point in that diatribe besides "shut up, Sony fanboy"?

(Oh, btw, I KNOW Nathan prefers the PS3, but he never said he hated the 360, and he's not the only one that gets labeled as a *PS3* fanboy way too quickly).

EDIT: Nevermind. I just looked at some of your other comments you made on this article. That's really all you have: Calling people Sony fanboys automatically as if it's ONLY Sony people that ever trash a system. All of this while insulting EVERYONE who you have any sort of disagreement with. Kind of ridiculous that we HAVE to agree with you on EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING or else we're Sony fanboys somehow.

Seriously, did someone at Sony kill your dog or something?

Anon19743484d ago

He seems upset at something, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Did someone say the Wii wasn't doing well in sales? I don't see it.
He's upset at something Sony did, or maybe a Sony fan did to him but for the life of me, reading through the posts I can't seem to pinpoint who on earth he's responding too. The guy probably checks under his bed for Sony fans at night.

I question the motives of anyone that posts online for the sole purpose of slamming a group of fans. Stick to the topics dude. When you can't make your point and just resort to insulting others, it's time to take a break.

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iseven3485d ago

thought it was cool playing games with my parents. everyone was really into that system. 2 months later, it's collecting dust. There no good games out there for it! Now, I have to save up for either an Xbox or a PS3.

RKRigney3485d ago

There ARE good games for the Wii. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Boom Blox, Mario Kart Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario, Geometry Wars: Galaxies, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, World of Goo, and Toki Tori are all great. It's just that for about a year almost nothing good has been released on the system and it doesn't look like anything will in the future. "Hardcore" just isn't the direction Nintendo is headed anymore.

Mahr3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl... Mario Kart Wii... Boom Blox... World of Goo, and Toki Tori are all great"

"So I had only purchased ONE good game for my Wii in 2008."

So the latter four are great but... not worth purchasing?

RKRigney3485d ago

I play Mario Kart Wii at my Girlfriend's, Boom Blox was a gift, and I played World of Goo on PC. You're right about me forgetting Toki Tori in the article though.

Sarcasm3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

The Wii has some good games, but come on folks. It's just targeted (obviously) towards a different crowd now.

I used to have that anti-Wii feeling like a lot of people do. But it's changed. After seeing how happy it makes my niece and nephew, and a few of my other younger friends. I'm all for it. The Wii isn't the doom and gloom of the games industry as people are making it out to be.

The only problem I think people should have against the Wii is the shovelware. Now there's no real excuse for that, and those developers are just trying to cash in on a quick buck.

But for you "H8RdC0r3" gamers out there, just enjoy your PS3/360's in peace. There's plenty of games coming out still and there always will be. Just as long as there's developers like Epic Games, Kojima Productions, Insomniac, etc. etc. there will always be hardcore games and just as long as we keep buying them.

Thatlalala3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

No, its just that MGS4, GeoW2, Res2, Fable 2, Left4Dead, GTA4, and Fallout 3,are better games for the hardcore gamer. Hence the the reference in the title to "Hardcore" gamers.

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OGharryjoysticks3485d ago

If you could rainbow all the levels in Pixel Junk Monsters you are a monster.

NNNW3485d ago

.... but with 2 players.. lol

ElementX3485d ago

I'm putting mine on Craig's List tomorrow. I used to have a 34" tv and wii looked alright, now with my new 46" the games look pixelated and rather unplayable.

Mr Tretton3485d ago

I will never get on the ship to begin with.